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Q: How much does it cost for one driver to race in a Nascar race?
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What is the average cost to sponsor a Nascar race car?

The amount of money to sponsor a NASCAR race car can vary by the driver. Some only cost $25,000 per race while others can be up to $1 million per race.

How much does NASCAR racer make?

Each NASCAR driver makes a different amount per race depending on sponsors and their finish. On average, a top NASCAR driver can make up to 750,000 per race.

How much does it cost to enter a Nascar race per car?


How much sweat does a Nascar driver lose in a race?

5-10 pounds

How much weight does a driver lose in an average Nascar race?

Five pounds.

How much weight does a Nascar driver lose during a race?

I've heard they lose about 10 pounds a race.

How much money does a Nascar driver make?

It depends on the driver and how much they are under contract for and the sponsors they have on their car. Also, where they place in each race.

Who gets the points and who gets the win when a driver is substituted for and wins in a Nascar race?

The Nascar driver who started the race, gets the points and the credit for the win. It doesn't matter who finished the race for them.

How much do Nascar race car drivers make for winning a race?

Depending on the track a NASCAR driver can win up to $350,000 per race if he wins the race. Jeff Gordon placed 32nd this year and still received $10000,

How much does a Nascar driver make for winning a race?

It all depends on the race track, the owners, and everything else, there is no "set" amount.

Who is the tallest NASCAR driver of all time?

Buddy Baker was the tallest driver to ever race in NASCAR at 6'6. Michael Waltrip is the tallest current driver racing in NASCAR at 6'5.

How much money can a NASCAR driver win?

For Nascar it's hard to say, but for the Daytona 500 you can win 1.5 million in that one race alone.

How much weight does a Nascar driver loose during a race?

Depends on the starting weight of the driver and his/her general physical condition, the temperature of the air and the track and what they had to eat or drink prior to the race.

Who was the oldest driver to race in NASCAR?

Morgan Shepherd

How many times does a Nascar driver pit during a race?

The number of pit stops is dependent upon the length of the race. The average NASCAR driver will need a pitstop every 60 miles.

How many members are on a NASCAR race team?

NASCAR race teams consist of hundreds of people. Some of the most recognizable members of a race team are the owner, driver, manager, crew chief, pit crew, and truck driver.

Who is the richest race car driver in nascar?

Jeff gordon

How does a NASCAR driver go to the bathroom while in a race?

He doesn't.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. a Freemason?

No, he is a hired NASCAR race car driver.

How heavy is a NASCAR race car?

3400 lbs. with the driver in it

Who was the first person to die in a NASCAR race?

First driver to die of injuries in a NASCAR race. On July 25, 1948, Slick Davis lost life in a NASCAR race at Greensboro, NC. He was the first but not the last to die in competition.

Who was the last driver to lose his life during a NASCAR race?

The last driver to lose his life in a NASCAR race was Dale Earnhardt Sr. Since that time they have improved safety with safer barriers and the HANS device.

How does a NASCAR race end?

A Nascar race ends when the driver's take the checkered flag, completing the final lap. In the event that the race has to go into overtime, Nascar will use a green-white-checker finish. This will happen when there is a late race caution, not to have to end the race under the yellow flag.

How old do you have to be to be a NASCAR driver?

The youngest nascar driver in history to start a race is Joey Logano driver of the #20 car. He was 18 when he started. I would say you need to be at least 18

Who was the first black NASCAR driver?

I believe it was Wendell Scott, I know he is the only black driver to win a Nascar race, the race he won was in Jacksonville, Florida at speedway park on December, 1st 1963, he retired in 1973.