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Q: How much does it cost for one driver to race in a Nascar race?
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How much does NASCAR racer make?

Each NASCAR driver makes a different amount per race depending on sponsors and their finish. On average, a top NASCAR driver can make up to 750,000 per race.

What is the average cost to sponsor a Nascar race car?

The amount of money to sponsor a NASCAR race car can vary by the driver. Some only cost $25,000 per race while others can be up to $1 million per race.

How much sweat does a Nascar driver lose in a race?

5-10 pounds

How much weight does a driver lose in an average Nascar race?

Five pounds.

How much does it cost to enter a Nascar race per car?


How much weight does a Nascar driver lose during a race?

I've heard they lose about 10 pounds a race.

How much money does a Nascar driver make?

It depends on the driver and how much they are under contract for and the sponsors they have on their car. Also, where they place in each race.

Who gets the points and who gets the win when a driver is substituted for and wins in a Nascar race?

The Nascar driver who started the race, gets the points and the credit for the win. It doesn't matter who finished the race for them.

Who was the oldest driver to race in NASCAR?

Morgan Shepherd

How much does a Nascar driver make for winning a race?

It all depends on the race track, the owners, and everything else, there is no "set" amount.

Who is the best race car driver?

The best NASCAR driver is Dylan Taylor

How much money can a NASCAR driver win?

For Nascar it's hard to say, but for the Daytona 500 you can win 1.5 million in that one race alone.

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