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Q: How much does it cost for an adult to go swimming at king standing leisure?
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How much is it to go swimming at Gorbals leisure centre?

I think it might be 2.50. something like that. pretty cheap for the awesome stuff there. this is the cost my friend said it was, she goes there alot. dont blame me if its wrong.

What is the opportunity cost of leisure?

Wages/utility gained from working.

How much does the ramsgate swimming pool cost to go there to swim?

If you are not in receipt of any benefits or an OAP, a swim at Hartsdown or Ramsgate pool is just over £5!! You will be lucky to get a good swim as these pools give preference to schools, swimming clubs and swimming lessons! The most you can expect for your money is 1 lane which obviously has too many people in it to get a good swim! Way too expensive for what you get, there is no competition for Thanet Leisure as no other place has a big pool, in my opinion this is why they think they can charge stupid money for a swim! More big pools are needed in Thanet!

How does it cost to go swimming?

It is 400dallars

South African prices of swimming pools?

cost of a swimming pool in South Africa

How did it cost to in the swimming pool on the Titanic?


What is the cost of an adult American Beech tree?

It cost £485.60 for an adult one and £125.50 for a small one.

What was the cost of standing room at the Globe Theatre in elizabethan time?

It would cost a penny for the standing room at the Globe Theatre in Elizabethan time.

How much money does it cost for Adult Day care in Nebraska?

How much money does it cost for Adult Day in stlouis

What is the opportunity cost of spending an evening revising for an economics exam?

Not visiting my girl friend and leisure

How much does a membership cost to join a 1610 leisure center?

It costs usually about Σ150 to join a 1610 leisure centre and have the initial health and fitness check. After that the cost varies depending upon what facilities the customer plans to use and books sessions for.

How much does seven swans-a-swimming cost?