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Q: How much does figure skating cost in Olympics?
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How much money do figure skating tickets cost for the winter Olympics?

a lot

How much do figure skating dresses cost?

$400-$1000 for a good one

History of pairs figure skating in the Olympics?

Well I know that Torville and Dean won it in 1984 with maximum points and that figure skating has been part of the Olympics since 1924. Sorry I don't know much but I hope that it helped you.

How much training do you have to do in figure skating if you want to be in the Olympics?

A Lot because you need the practice to compete with the Pros.

How much do figure skating cost?

I am 14 and my name is Abby and my figure skating costs 451 for a month but that is because i have it every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, and Monday.

Was figure skating safe in the Olympics?

Yes! It's very safe because they have medics at hand and the skate do this all the time. Their lives are pretty much based on skating.

How much do figure skaters earn?

Figure skater get £79 pounds to do figure skating

How is math used in figure skating?

Math is used in ice skating by the speed you go, how much they skates cost, and also how the judges score you. There are other ways they are similiar.

How much does it cost to build a skating rink?

it cost about $5,000

Is synchronized ice skating and figure skating really that different?

Synchro involves about 20 girls skating in unison and doing formations on the ice. Figure skating includes singles, pairs, and dance, involving jumps, spins, and steps. Both are competitive, but figure skating is much more demanding.

How much it cost to get into the skating ring?

It depends where you are.

How much are the Olympics going to cost?

It is going to cost us £9900million pounds for the Olympics!!

How much does a figure skating coach make a year?

It varies for each coach.

How much does a ice skating rink cost?

25000 $ to 250000 $

How much does it cost to go skating at the fun factory?


How much would it cost to build a ice skating rink and roller skating rink?

A lot of money

What does math and science have to do with figure skating?

Math and science have many things to do with figure skating. You could use math to figure out how much time it would take to get from point A to point B. Science is also very important because it adds speed and momentum to figure skating. It also adds gravity. If there were no gravity, figure skating would be impossible because you would not be able to stay on the ground.

How much did the last Olympics cost?

the last olympics only cost 5 Australian cents

How much did the 2002 Olympics cost?

The 2002 Olympics cost around 1.3billion u.s.a dollars

How much does it cost to run an ice skating ring?

It should cost you like 10,000

During what season is figure skating played?

Figure skating is a year- round sport, but skaters train especially hard during the summer because there is soooooooo much extra time without school to worry about. If one stopped skating for even a few weeks, their jumps would be hard to land when they get back. I myself had my appendix removed and I wasn't allowed to skate for two weeks and I could barely land a double flip.Figure skating is in the winter Olympics.

How much does Roller Time skating rink cost?

6 dollars

How much does ice skating cost for 2 - 3 people?


How much has it cost Britain to host the Olympics?

too much?!

How much did the cost of Atlanta Georgia Olympics?

it cost atlanta about 1.8 billion dollars to host the summer Olympics