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Chris berman makes 250,000$ a year but some sportscenter anchors make up to 1 million. Just depends on your ratings

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Q: How much does and ESPN anchor make?
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How much does an ESPN sports anchor make?

The anchors at ESPN all make different salaries. The salaries range in prices from $60,000 to over 1 million dollars.

Who is the hottest female ESPN anchor?

Michelle Boner is the Hottest Female anchor!

What is Linda Cohn's occupation?

Linda Cohn is a/an Anchor, ESPN

Who was the first female anchor on ESPN?

Mary Roberts

Who was the female anchor that worked for ESPN and then was a replacement anchor for Good Morning America in the 1980s?

Robin Roberts

Which ESPN anchor is a graduate from the university of Oregon?

Neil everett

ESPN anchor rece Davis you is a graduate of what school?


What is the name of the female anchor of ESPN football focus fifa world cup 2010?

Mayanti Langer is the anchor.

How much does Jon Gruden make at ESPN?

Although unconfirmed by ESPN, I have read that it is $4.3 million.

Did ESPN anchor Danielle Sargent get fired?

She was politely let go.

What college did ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt go to?


Who is Cindy brunson husband?

Steve Berthiaume, an anchor of ESPN Sportscenter.

What ESPN anchor got fired for sexual harrassment?

Harold Reynolds

How much do ESPN broad casters make?


How much does an ESPN NFL analyst make?


How much does an ESPN baseball announcer make?

Not enough

Who was the ESPN anchor that died in a car accident in the early 80's?


What actors and actresses appeared in Business Times on ESPN - 1983?

The cast of Business Times on ESPN - 1983 includes: Consuelo Mack as Herself - Anchor

How much does a network news anchor make?

they make between105,000-300,000

Who replaced Linda Cohn?

Linda Cohn is an ESPN sports news andÊhas not been replaced. She is still on as the head anchor for ESPN's Sports center.Ê

How much do ESPN workers make?

Different ESPN workers make different amounts of money, if they go live... they would make about $7500 everytime, if they are only on for a short time then they don't get as much.... feel free to edit this answer.

How much does skip bayless make from ESPN each year?

Whatever amount it is is too much, I actually actually think he may pay ESPN to work there.

How much money does Mike Golic make on ESPN?

more then u

How much money does Tom Jackson from ESPN make a year?


How much does ESPN analyst tom Jackson make?

1 million

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