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1st answer: It depends on how used it is, but mostly beetween $80.00 and $150.00.

2nd answer: They dont cost that much, but they do cost a little bit of money.

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โˆ™ 2012-09-13 11:03:25
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Q: How much does an used surfboard cost?
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How much does a rental surfboard cost at mr. Surfs shop?


How much does a surfboard cost?

they can be as cheap as $100 and as expesive as a lot more than $100

What does a 6 foot surfboard weigh?

how much does a 6,5 surfboard weight

How much does a new surfboard cost?

It all depends on what kind of surf board that you are looking for. If you are looking for a good regular surfboard yourprobably going to spend around 300 but if your lookng for a mini surf board or cutting surfboard your looking somewhere around 20.

What happens if the wrong resin is used on a surfboard?

If you use the wrong resin on a surfboard, you could scratch it and ruin your surfboard. Be careful about what resin you use.

What does a surfboard leash cup do?

it helps the surfboard stay balanced so when you go over waves the surfboard won't wobble or tip over as much

How much does a surfboard weigh?

about 25 kg

How much does a surfboard shaper make per year?

not much

How much money does a surfboard cost?

A used board ranges from free to too much but the average price for a new board in 2010 starts in the mid hundreds for a short board and goes all the way to $10000+ for a hand made wooden longboard.

What is the average cost of a surfboard?

Short boards $400 - $800 Long Boards $500 -$$$$$$

What it cost to take surfboard to Hawaii?

I think it depends on the airline, but on the one I went on last summer, it would've cost $50.

How do you get the silver surfboard in Club penguin?

Go to the Cove then click the sale paper for the surfboards and click on the word WAVE . It should show you the silver surfboard and it cost 800 coins

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