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My hockey stick weighs 595g.

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Q: How much does an old hockey stick weigh?
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How do you weigh a hockey stick?

Most hockey sticks have the weight somewhere on the shaft in grams. If you're looking to buy one, ask someone, all new sticks should have the weight printed on them. Not sure of the best way to weigh an old stick which doesn't have its weight printed on the shaft.

Where can you determine the value of a signed hockey stick?

Depending on how old and famous the guy or girl is and the stick. The age of it should give you the ability to guess how much it would be worth. A little old is basically no value, and extremely old is a high value.

How old is a sherwood crackshot hockey stick?

30 yrs

How do you know if your hockey stick is the right size Not ice hockey though?

if your a 8 to 12 year old then get a junior 13 and up then senior stick. cut it were its the length of your chin.

What is the best hockey stick for 12 year old?

easton eq50

What is the best composite ice hockey stick for a jr 9 year old hockey player?

its the jr o stick There isn't one. A 9 year old should be using a wood stick. actually there is one a nine year old neads a Bauer 140 composite stick even though wood is the fricken best

If a hockey puck exerts 6N force on a stick how much force does the stick exert on the puck?

According to Newton or one of those old dead guys, the opposing force will be equal. So why doesn't the stick go flying 90-miles-an-hour in the opposite direction??? Only because it has a greater mass and there's a hockey player hanging on to it. 6 N

12 years old weigh about 120 pounds 5 feet 3 inches should use a junior or intermediate hockey stick?

You should most likely use an intermediate stick. Check the height with skates on (most people like the length of their stick between the height of ther nose and chin) and the flex. If the junior is either too short or contains too much flex for your preference then use an intermediate and vise versa with the opposite with the intermediate.

Should you use your best ice hockey stick on a shooting board?

I wouldn't recommend it. You can use a old wooden stick or even your backup stick but using your best one could damage the stick and then it wouldn't be your best stick!

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What is the value of Denis Potvin's game stick autographed by his entire team?

The stick would have an approx. value of $125.00 - $150.00 if it not game used. However, if it was game used by Potvin or Bossy for instance, it would have a value of $250.00 - $500.00. If you are interested in vintage hockey memorabilia, please visit my web site at: It features old hockey team photos, hockey autographs and game used hockey memorabilia.

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im a twenty year old female that is about 5'5 how much should i weigh? im a sixteen year old female that is about 5'2 how much shouldi weigh

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Should a 11 year old have an intermidiate hockey stick?

it all depends on the 11 year old. you have to take height, weight and the child's knowledge or skill inthe game.

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How much should a 52 yr old man weigh height is 6'1

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