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A good WR can bench 280

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Q: How much does a wide receiver bench?
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How much does Wes Welker bench press?

Wes Welker is a wide receiver for the football team Denver Broncos. He was born in 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There is no information found on the internet about how much he can bench press.

Largest bench press by any NFL wide receiver?

Up to like 240-260

How much can Brett Montgomery bench press?

500 pounds he is pretty beast and he is a wide receiver that has set the National record for the most catches middle school football in history.

How much do wide receiver get paid?

they get paid 200,000

How much does the average NFL wide receiver bench press?

In the NFL combine wide receivers are required to do a max rep set on the bench at 225lbs. The top performers in the 2010 combine put up in the area of 18-20 reps. For a max bench this equates to something around 300-315 for a max weight. This is of course not exact however that's a ballpark for you at least.

Is Desean Jackson a wide receiver?

Yes, he is a wide receiver.

How much money does a wide receiver make per game?

about 100,000,000

How much money does an NFL wide receiver make?

Depends how good you are.

How much money does a wide receiver in the NFL make a year?


Is the tight end an eligible receiver if he is covered by a wide receiver?

A tight end and a wide receiver are both on offense, therefore a wide receiver would not be covering a tight end.

Who makes more money wide receiver or running back?

Wide receiver

When was Wide Receiver - song - created?

Wide Receiver - song - was created in 1980.

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