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2.5 million

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Q: How much does a rugby player get paid?
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Related questions

How much is a rugby player paid?

the average professional rugby player in England is on £56,000 a yr

How much should a rugby player be paid?

Well I think that a rugby player should be paid alot because that person is repesenting the country.

How much does the average rugby player get paid?

At senior professional level you may see 45k to 100k paid for playing

How much does a south African rugby player get paid playing for the national team?

1 darras

Who is the highest paid Australian rugby player?

Highest Rugby League player is Jared Hayne = 500.000

How much does a Super league player get paid.?

A super league rugby player typically gets paid anywhere from £50,000 - £100,000 a year. However, it will depend on which team they work for.

What is a rugby league players salary?

A Rugby Union players gets much more than Rugby League players. Rugby League players get between (in average) 80,000k-120,000k. The highest paid rugby league player earns 500,000k a year.

How much do rugby all blacks get paid?


How much to the super league rugby players get paid?

Much more then Australian Rugby League players

Who is the highest paid rugby leage player?

max folkard

Who gets paid more a rugby union player or a soccer player?

soccer players

Who is the highest paid rugby player?

Highest RL player is Jarred Hayne = 500,000

Who gets paid more cricket players or rugby payers?

The wages are not that much different. Professional Rugby Player and Cricketers are paid on average 25,000 per year. This is without appearance fees, after dinner speeches etc which increase income considerably

How much does a ordinary rugby union player get paid a week in England?

it ranges between 30 and 100,000 pounds per week

Who is the highest paid rugby player in South Africa?

jaque fourie

How much does rugby sevens players get paid?


How much do referees get paid in rugby?

Most referees in professional rugby get paid around 50,000 dollars a year. This varies spending upon country and which team.

Who is the the highest paid rugby league player?

Jarred Hayne, 500,000 a year.

How much do South African rugby players get paid?


How much money do rugby union ref's get paid?

not a lot

Should rugby players get paid as much as footballers?


Who is the highest paid rugby player in New Zealand?

Dan Carter holds that honour

How much does an international rugby ref get paid?

$700 per match

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


What do you get paid as a rugby player?

It can range from nothing at armature level to 100,000 per year as a professional