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It depends of the skateboard

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โˆ™ 2010-08-02 18:59:24
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Q: How much does a real skate board cost?
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How can you tell a real skate board from a fake skate board?

fake skateboards are straight in the middle and real skateboards curve up then down

Is a last exit skate board real?

i don't think so but i could be wrong actually, they are. my skate board is a last exit with, skulls and a union jack on the bottom. so yes they are real.

What skate deck is better baker or real?

I would say baker, but it all depends on your needs for a board.

How can one become a real skater girl?

Becoming a real skater girl involves getting the right equipment such as a skate board, safety gear, skating shoes and helmet. Then once you have gotten all of that, all that is left is learn how to skate.

Are the 30 mongoose skateboards harder to learn on than a 100 board pre-built at a real skate board shop?

Yes it is harder just go to FOD and get a complete

How much are fur real friends cost?

How much does the real friend cat cost

How much does a real DS cost?

a DS cost 60$.

How much does the The Smamborghini cost?

they are real and they cost 350,000 dollars

How much did the Biltmore Castle cost for real?

How much did the Baltimore Castle cost in money?,

Are darkstar skateboards heavy. I have a darkstar red cross board and i think its pretty heavy is there any other light skate boards?

Plan B, Element, Real,

When where and how was the ripstick invented?

it was invented in 2008 by walmart and it was invented with metal and plastic.. walmart invented something to TRY to compete with real professional skate board name brands.

Is toysRUs skateboards good as a real skate shop?


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