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Q: How much does a nz soccer player get paid?
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Highest paid NZ Warrior player?

jerome ropati

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

How much do dentists get paid in nz?

They get paid like about $300,00 to $500,00 and $120 per hour

Is wrestling better than soccer yes soccer is for gay boy's beside's nz Jacob rainbow and nz jesses. soccer sucks bronson?

no soccer is better

How much is a part time checkout operator paid an hour?

In New Zealand I am paid NZ$ 15.18 an hour before tax.

What is the name of nz soccer team?


How did Ryan Nelson become captain of the NZ soccer team?

He was just simply one of the most capped and trusted player of the team leading him to the role.

What is the name of the nz soccer team?

The All Whites

Who is famous in NZ for a sport?

Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player

Who is the nz captain of the soccer team?

The captain is Ryan Nelson.

What is the name of nz nation soccer team?


What does a nz judge get paid?

$100,000 -- $200,000

How much are primary teachers paid yearly in New Zealand?

To better understand how NZ Primary Teachers are paid it is best to visit the NZEI website. Most NZ teachers belong to the Union (NZEI) as it has a strong, collective voice for primary teachers throughout NZ and as such can negotiate enhanced pay and working conditions for its members.

When was the last time nz qualified for the soccer world cup?


Who does vicelich play soccer for?

Auckland City, and NZ national team.

What is the name of the NZ A League soccer team?

It is New Zealand Auckland league.

How did the term soccer mom originate?

Soccer Mum (in UK, Australia and NZ) originated as a mildly derogatory term for mothers who spend much of their time driving to and from home and soccer (or other sporting activities), often in large four drive/SUV cars which never see dirt roads.

How many people play soccer in New Zealand?

Soccer in NZ is a minority sport, after Rugby, cricket, netball, fishing...There are 500 football clubs in NZ, with 8 provincial teams in the only semi-professional league - the NZ Football Championship.NZ has one team in the Australian A-League - the Wellington Phoenix - which are the only fully-professional team in NZ.Soccer is the second most popular sport at secondary school with boys, with girls it represents only 6% of sport.The estimate is that around 80,000 people of all ages and sexes play soccer, out of a population of around 4.2M

What are the five most participated sports in nz?

soccer,rugby,hockey,golf and net ball

How much do vets get paid in NZ?

Senior veterinarians in New Zealand usually earn between $120,000 and $150,000. New vets just starting out will earn substantially less.

What is the name of the new Zealand a league soccer team?

Wellington Phoenix 2007-present NZ Knights before that

Who is a famous nz tennis player?

Sania Mirza

What is the most popular winter sport in new zealand has the most players actively playing?

Soccer is the most popular winter sport in NZ, more kds play soccer than rugby

What are your favorite teams for worldcup soccer 2010?

(nz team)All Whites!! because i live in New Zealand (auckland)

How much for goya g410 12 string?

Goya G 410 12 String.. how much? Well I paid $160 NZ ( 2nd hand of course ) in pretty good condition. It sounds great and is comfortable to play.. For the price it was a steal..