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jerome ropati

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โˆ™ 2012-04-02 05:08:22
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Q: Highest paid NZ Warrior player
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How much does a nz soccer player get paid?


What were the effects sinking the rainbow warrior?

the rainbow warrior incident caused and outrage in nz and nz's anti nucleur stance was revitalised

What is the third highest mountain in nz?

Mount Dampier is NZ's 3rd highest mountain, standing at 3,440 m.

Who has the highest IQ in NZ?

ben maguire

What does a nz judge get paid?

$100,000 -- $200,000

What are the highest mountains in NZ?

it is Aoraki Mount Cook

What are the highest paying jobs in NZ?

Adult entertainers

Who is famous in NZ for a sport?

Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player

Which city in NZ has the highest earthquake risk?

Probably Wellington. But all of NZ is prone to earthquakes, and they can be unpredictable.

What is the highest point in nz beginning with w?

Wharite Peak

What is the highest mountain peek in NZ?

Aoraki?Mt cook

How much do dentists get paid in nz?

They get paid like about $300,00 to $500,00 and $120 per hour

Who is the Highest international try scorer?

John Kirwan, NZ, 67.

Where is the highest mountain in NZ?

Mount Cook, also known as Aoraki.

What mountain is in NZ central plateau?

Ruapehu is the highest one. ....Pressreleasecop

Which area of NZ gets the highest rainfall?

Fiordland, in the southwest of the South Island.

What is the highest scoring draw in rugby?

England - NZ 26 all in '97

Is mt cook the highest mountain in nz?

Yes it is. And its original name is Aorangi.

What is the highest NZ bank note?

asia country ki money name

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

What is the highest mountain in NZ called?

Aoraki / Mt. Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand reaching 12,316 ft.

How much is a part time checkout operator paid an hour?

In New Zealand I am paid NZ$ 15.18 an hour before tax.

Who is a famous nz tennis player?

Sania Mirza

What was the Most tackles made by 1 player in an Nation rugby league game?

Recently (round seven, 2009) NZ Warrior Michael Luck made 74 tackles in the game against the Melbourne Storm.

Highest temperature recorded in Hamilton NZ?

I think it might be 30.3 degrees but not 100% sure.