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A standard Ice Hockey puck weighs between five and one half (5.5) and six (6) ounces.(156-170 g).

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Q: How much does a hockey puck weigh?
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How much does an orange hockey puck weigh?

a orange hockey puck weighs 13 pounds

How much does an air hockey puck weigh?


How much does an official ice hockey puck weigh?

An official ice hockey puck weighs approximately 8oz.

How much does a blue hockey puck weigh?

4 oz.

How much does a NHL hockey puck weigh?

A standard ice hockey puck weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156-170 g).

How much does a NHL puck weigh?

A standard Ice Hockey puck weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156-170 g).

Does a women's hockey puck weight the same as a man's hockey puck?

Yes, all normal official ice hockey pucks weigh the same for men or women's ice hockey.

How do you weigh a hockey puck?

On a scale that measures grams and/or ounces.

How much is a Kyle Okposo signed hockey hockey puck worth?

A Kyle Okpososinged hockey puck is worth 500$

A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200kg hockey puck by 6 ms in 2 seconds. how much did the hockey puck accelerate how much force did the puck exert on the hockey stick how much?

3m/s squared

What is important about hockey?

THE PUCK, you play hockey to get the puck.

What did they use for a hockey puck in the old days?

a hockey puck...

What are the things you hit the puck with in air hockey?

Hockey puck

A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200kg hockey puck by 6ms in 2 seconds How much did the hockey puck accelerate?

oehi my name is j

What is the area of a hockey puck?

Hockey is played in many countries around the world. It is played on ice with a puck. The area of a hockey puck is 22.18.

What is the average price to purchase a hockey puck?

How much a hockey puck costs will depend on the type of buck. A rubber puck like that used in the NHL usually costs $1 -$2. However, for street hockey, the puck is made from plastic and can cost between $7 and $15.

How is sliding friction shown in field hockey?

Sliding friction is shown in hockey when you hit the puck. The puck has friction against the ice (but there isn't much).

What are the dimensions of a hockey puck?

NHL rules state the puck will be one inch thick and three inches in diameter. The puck should weigh between five and a half and six ounces.

In what sport is a puck used?

In Ice hockey or Hockey You have to try and get the puck into the net

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

How much is a monarch hockey puck worth?

120 bucks

How much does a NHL hockey puck cost?

around $2

How much a hockey ball weight?

An ice hockey puck weighs 6 oz.

What is called a 'Puck' in Ice-hockey?

A puck is call a puck in Ice-Hockey it is a small rubber disc, where the goal is to get that disc into the back of your opponent's net more than they do to you.