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Q: How much does a female motocross rider make on everage?
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How much money does a motocross rider make a year?

Only the best can pull down this type of earnings. Most make far less than this.

How much do motocross riders get paid an hour?

As a Pro FMX rider I get paid a minimum of $2500 an hour... I dint know what racers make

How to ride and survive motocross?

Motocross is a grueling event that taxes both rider and motorcycle, and for this reason both have to be maintained in top condition. Most will agree, a motorcycle can be fixed in a lot less time than it takes to heal from broken ribs. The idea behind riding these races is, learn how to survive and go fast.Techniques vary from rider to rider but there several things that remain constant, no matter who the rider may be. The first is a keen awareness of the rest of the field. Knowing where other riders are is essential in avoiding collisions, and being able to set up passes successfully. After all, that is what racing is about. Being in front at the end, which means everyone is tying to pass everyone else.Setting up for a hairpin turn, and executing the turn without loosing a place requires a level of skill that separates the good riders from the rest of the field. The only way to get good at hairpin turns is to practice them. This requires a good motorcycle, a lot of gasoline and a tireless body, which means the rider has to be in excellent physical condition.Another aspect of motocross is the jump, or catching air as it is often referred to. No matter what it may be called, it’s the most exciting part of motocross and also, one of the places where a good rider will execute a pass. Setting the motorcycle on the correct line for the jump, so that it explodes into the air, and actually gains momentum as it launches past another rider. Since the traffic may be different from one lap to the next, a good rider has to be able to make the adjustments at the last second, and set the motorcycle on the right line for the jumps.This what motocross riding is all about. Making he adjustments at every tun, and coming out ahead. The riders who do this turn in and turn out, lap after lap, will be at the front when the motocross is over.There are a number of good schools that teach beginning and intermediate riders how to ride motocross. The schools feature classes where experienced riders are willing to pass along their knowledge of riding, and surviving motocross racing. For anyone who likes the idea of riding motocross, taking some classes is the right way to get started.

Who is the oldest rider to make a supercross main event?

Charlie Burchinal, 85 years old. Races OTMX in OR, WA and BC. I believe he is in Guiness book of world records. John Dowd, a 47 years old man from New England, USA is the oldest motocross rider. He started this profession at the age of 21.

Is it illegal for you to have Skullcandy logos painted on a motocross helmet although you are not a sponsored rider?

Yes, all these companies make shirts jackets and helmets with there stuff on it just to sue you. no they dont care what kind of s*** you wear. you just cant go into an actual motocross race without there approval. no its not illegal for domestic use. if your still afraid to wear it get yourself some walmart brand s***

Do they make Motocross Curtains that Matches the Duvet Bedding Set by Smooth?

Smooth makes motocross curtains to match the duvet beddint set.

What make of motorcycle has won the most motocross races?


How can you make money off of motocross racing?

get really really good. and keep winning

What is the game called where you make a line and you can ride on it?

Stick Rider or *Line Rider* *Guess

How do you make backwards turbo lines online rider?

To make backwards "Turbo" lines in line rider, you hold shift and make a backwards red line.

Motocross Apparel?

Motocross apparel has hit the fashion scene with full force. No longer just for motorcyclists, motocross apparel appeals to men and women from all backgrounds. In particular, motocross t-shirts have become a hot ticket fashion item for those with style. The motorcross style can be described as loud, abrasive, and fun. Many motocross t-shirts have pictures of raunchy women and witty sayings on them. There is something unabashed about the style of motocross t-shirts. Motocross t-shirts are usually quite affordable, so they make a nice addition to any wardrobe that needs a little spice. Motocross t-shirts run about $10 to $20. Board shorts are also an essential part of motocross apparel. Even though board shorts are meant for the beach and pool, they look great out on the motocross field. Because board shorts have a loose fit, motocross drivers find them comfortable to wear on the tracks. They also let a driver's body to feel the air and cool breezes, which make riding a pleasant experience. In addition to being unabashed, comfort is a priority in motocross style. At the race tracks, glamour is not the name of the game. Many motocross drivers simply enjoy wearing a hoodie or t-shirt with a pair of board shorts. Even at competitions, it is not uncommon to see riders wearing a hoodie from their favorite brand. Some motocross drivers are sponsored by companies, so they may be wearing apparel from a corporate brand. The key to choosing the right look for motocross apparel is having a laid back attitude. The sport of motocross is not about appearances, so riders can not appear to care to much about fashion and appearances. Going for a comfortable look is the best strategy for truly looking like a professional motocross driver. One other key part of the motocross wardrobe is choosing the right shoes. DC is one of the leading brands and makers of shoes for motocross riders. One wants to buy shoes that are fitted and comfortable. If shoes are too loose, then a rider risks losing a shoe during a riding session. This can be very dangerous, as the foot is exposed to the raw motor of a bike and gasoline emanating from the bike. Shoes protect a person's feet from the harsh elements they face in a riding session. One should never wear flip flops on motocross racing tracks, since they leave feet unprotected.

How do you make a motocross gate?

Use existing Motocross gates at your local motocross tracks and pictures on the internet as benchmarks. Draw rough hand sketches and write down the dimensions, then go to AutoCAD and draw it. You can build a gate which can be activated using the manual foot drop or the electronic dropping mechanism.