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$330 american.

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Q: How much does a delta elite paintball gun cost at walmart?
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What are the features of an m16 paintball guns at delta force?

extra cost all Delta forces guns are really bad

Where can you get cheap paintball guns?

Generally, decent paintball markers cost the same everywhere, unless you can find free shipping online. The cheapest and worst markers are available at Retail stores like Walmart.

How much does delta force paintball cost?

The cost for paintballs at Delta Force Paintball is as follows... England and Wales * £5.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £6.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities Scotland * £6.99 per 100, when bought in bulk (2000 paintballs) * £7.99 per 100, when bought in small quantities

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i dunno, around 30-50$. The gun is a watse of money. DON'T BUY IT.

Between paintball and CO2 pistols which is the more expensive sport?

I'm going to include paintball rifles in this answer. The cost of paintball rifles can exceed $500, but your question only refers to C02 powerplants. So in this answer paintball generally out cost regular C02 pistols and rifles. Now if you include all power plants like Pump, spring and PCP. (Precharged Pneumatic) air weapons then Pellet pistols out cost Paintball. As for the sport itself, with the cost of protection gear and the cost of gaming in general, then Paintball out cost regular C02 in general. But remember paintball is a competitive sport where teams compete against each other and shoot each other. Pellet shooting is a target and hunting sport, they are two very different sports and really should not be compared. Getting shot with a paintball won't kill you, getting shot with a pellet can kill you.

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