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Anywhere from 90 to 110 pounds, depending on height.

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Q: How much does a dallas cowboy cheerleader weigh?
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How much is the 1977 dallas cowboy cheerleader mirror worth?


How much does a dallas cheerleader make?

As of July 2014, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders make approximately 150 dollars per game. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are the most known NFL cheerleaders in the league.

How much does a dallas cowboy cheerleader make a year?

10000 they do not make that they make 100,000 every six months

How much can you weigh and be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys?

To become a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, there is no specific requirement for either height or weight, but a person has to be well-proportioned and lean. Cheerleader must be at least 18 years old.

How much does a dallas cowboy coach make?

how much does the dallas cowboy coach make

How much does a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader make?

start out about 32,000 dollars

Why does a dallas cowboy cheerleader make so little money?

Cheerleaders in general do not make much money. It is a glamorous job with little pay. They are told when they are hired, that they probably need to have another job.

How much are Dallas Cowboy autographs worth for?

Nothing they are garbage

How much for a Dallas cowboy ticket?

Tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game range from $60-$1150.

How much does a pair of cowboy boots weigh?

3 to 4lbs

You want to start cheerleading but you think you weigh to much?

nobody weighs too much to be a cheerleader

How much did it cost to build dallas cowboy's new stadium?

1.2 billion dollars

How much does Dallas Beeler weigh?

MLB player Dallas Beeler weighs 210 pounds.

How much does Dallas Keuchel weigh?

MLB player Dallas Keuchel weighs 208 pounds.

How much is a Cowboy's back to back Super Bowl pin worth?

Dallas Cowboy pins like that sell in the $4 to $10 range.

How much does a Dallas cowboy cheerleader get paid?

NFL Dallas Cheerleaders are paid roughly $50 per home games. Whether it is a game or a personal appearance at a local mall, the fee structure remains about the same. It may vary according to how long a person has been with a team, but I doubt there are many older cheerleaders.

Is laynce nix married?

Yes, he actually just married my best friend Brooke Sorenson (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader) at Atlantis in the Bahamas, I got the pleasure of being there and it was the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. They're very much in love! :)

What is the value of a Dallas Cowboy Supper Bowl xxx case knife?

not very much. maaaybeee 50$

How much does the lowest paid Dallas cowboy player make?

water boy makes $50 a day

How much does NFL player Dallas Thomas weigh?

NFL player Dallas Thomas weighs 315 pounds.

How much does NFL player Dallas Reynolds weigh?

NFL player Dallas Reynolds weighs 320 pounds.

How much should a cheerleader weigh?

i am a flyer i weigh 54 and the fattest girl on my team is 90 so like maybe 80-95

How much did it cost to see a Cowboys game in 1960?

The 1960 Dallas Cowboy ticket prices:Season Tickets, 6 games: $ 27.60 ($4.60 per game)Single Game:Reserved seating: $ 4.60General Admission: $ 2.75Student Admission: $ 1.00Information from a 1960 Dallas Cowboy schedule card from "Cowboy Joe".

How much does a hot-dog cost at dallas cowboy stadium?

$ 3.50 in the off season. Just took a tour, and that is what was on the sign.

How much should a 5 foot 2 inches cheerleader girl weigh?

The average is 100 lbs but i guess at any weight