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It depends on the age. A 6-8 year old cheerleader might weight 50 pounds.

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Q: A cheerleader might weigh about 50?
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A cheerleader might weigh about 50 what?


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How much do a normal deer weigh?

deers can weigh up to 50 to 80 pounds it might depend

How much does a cheerleader make a year?

a cheerleader usually makes 50 to 65 dollars a game! ;]

How much does an Eagles cheerleader make?


How much can you weigh and be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys?

To become a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys, there is no specific requirement for either height or weight, but a person has to be well-proportioned and lean. Cheerleader must be at least 18 years old.

What are some things that weigh 50 lbs?

Some things that weigh 50 pounds might include a bale of Timothy hay or the average bag of horse or cow feed. Dog food can be purchased in 50 pound bags and you can also buy a 50 pound weight for your weight lifting machine.

A small woman might weigh how much in kilograms?

a small woman weighs 50 kilograms

How much do moose antlers weigh?

While they on his head, the antlers of a 1200 pound moose probably weigh about 50 pounds. (The hide may be close to 200 pounds.) When the horns dry out, they might weigh 40 pounds.

How much does a roll of sod weigh?

At this point in this current environment....hypothetically....a roll of sod might weigh 50 pounds...give or take 50 pounds. Paul Pinkerton Frederick MD

Can you lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

It's unlikely, but you might do. It depends on what you weigh to begin with and the efforts that you make.

You want to start cheerleading but you think you weigh to much?

nobody weighs too much to be a cheerleader

How much does a dallas cowboy cheerleader weigh?

Anywhere from 90 to 110 pounds, depending on height.

What are the release dates for I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again - 2007 Final Weigh-In 1-8?

I Want to Look Like a High School Cheerleader Again - 2007 Final Weigh-In 1-8 was released on: USA: 10 November 2007

Salary of a Dallas cheerleader?

$50 per game, with options for paid appearances.

What films have cheerleading in them?

"But I'm a Cheerleader" (1999). It starred Natasha Lyonne and Michelle Williams. It's a comedy about a cheerleader whose parents suspect she might be gay.

Name someone who might use a megaphone?

The Police :D A cheerleader

How much should a cheerleader weigh?

i am a flyer i weigh 54 and the fattest girl on my team is 90 so like maybe 80-95

How much should a 13 year old cheerleader weigh?

i am 13 and a cheerleader on high school cheer and competitive level 4... i almost have my full and i do have my triple toe back.... i weigh 105 lbs. even if you weigh more or less remember muscle weighs more than fat and a lot of cheerleaders have a ton of muscles from stunting and tumbling

What is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader's annual salary?

10000 $50/home game. Roughly, $500 ($50 X 10 home games.)

How much money does a professional cheerleader earn?

i believe that you make $500 for the whole season . it is $50 every home game . plus guest apprances which is $100 per cheerleader. 170$ a week [=

Can you be a cheerleader and dont know how to do flips?

I think that is possible. I mean it depends how old you are and how competitive you are. Like a middle school cheerleader might not know how to do one but i am sure that all college cheerleaders do.

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Standard US paper bills weigh 1 gram so 50 $20 bills would weigh 50 gm.

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Modern zinc (1982-present) pennies weigh 2.5 grams each, and copper pennies (pre-1982) weigh 3.11 grams each. 50 new ones weigh 125 grams and 50 old ones weigh 155.5 grams. A mix of the two weighs somewhere in the middle.50 US pennies would weigh about .338 pounds.

On which MTV show might a high school cheerleader try to become a skateboarder?