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Cheerleading coaches make between 13,000 dollars a year and 33,000 dollars a year. High school cheerleaders make a low stipend of 5 dollars to 3,000 dollars a season.

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Q: How much does a cheerleading coach get paid an hour?
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How much does a cheerleading beginer coach get paid an hour?

The salary for a beginning cheerleader coach will vary depending on location. The average salary for a cheerleading coach who is just starting out is about $33,000 per year

How much does a cheerleading coach get paid?

about 6000-10000 a year

How much money does a cheerleading coach get?

for high school coaches about 15 cents a day lmfao its voulenteer thats how much my coach gets paid

How much does a high school coach get paid per hour?

Coaches are not ppaid hourly, they are paid by stipend

How much does a ice skating coach get paid?

As a skating coach you could get paid 10 dollars an hour, or over a hundred dollars an hour. Coaches price's depend on their experience, and knowledge of the sport.

Starting salary for a cheerleading coach?

I get paid 8$ an hour. Plus at my gym coaches get to keep the money we make doing private lessons. But it varies greatly from gym to gym

How much do coach Canada bus drivers get paid?

Most likely between $19 and $25 per hour

How much does a coach get paid?


How much does the us swimming coach get paid?

well it depends how long he is working.for an hour he gets paid $100000. so if he were to work ten hours he would get paid $10000000.

How much do you get paid if you work as a coach at the YMCA?

Not much.

How much does a college baseball coach get paid?

its diffrent with evry coach

How much do baseball coach get paid?

not enough

How much do landscapers get paid an hour?

they dont get paid by hour,their usually paid by day

How much do beginning neurologist get paid a hour?

Neurologists are not paid by the hour.

How much does air hostess get paid an hour?

they are paid by salary not by the hour.

How much do Universal Cheerleading Association staff members get paid?

Not nearly enough!

How much does a college coach make a year?

How much a college football coach makes a year depends on many factors. The highest paid coach was paid $5.5 million.

What is the least amount of money a cheerleading coach earn in about a year?

It really depends on where you are coaching & how much THEY pay you. Honestly, coaches for cheer do not get paid a lot. If you love cheer, that's what makes you want to coach, not how much money you make. If you are not devoted to coaching, it's definitely not the job for you.

How much does a figure skating coach earn?

It depends on the coaches previous experience. Coaches with little background get paid about $10 an hour. Very well experienced coaches get paid as much as $120 an hour. This does not include the coaching fees the rink charges.

How much does a certified phlebotomist get paid?

How much does a certified phlebotomist get paid per hour . How much does a certified phlebotomist get paid per hour .

How much does dj blend get paid an hour?

he doesnt get paid by the hour, he gets paid by the gig

How much does a professional soccer coach get paid?

by the government

How much a coach get paid?

depends if the team wins

How much does a MLB coach get paid a year?


How much does a badminton coach get paid?

1000$ maybe