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it is a volunteer job, No one gets paid to do it.

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Q: How much does a basketball referee get paid?
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How much does a college basketball referee get paid?

they don't

How much does a little league basketball referee get paid?

usually around $20 a game

What are the Duties and responsibilities of a referee in basketball?

duties of referee in basketball

How much does high school basketball referee earn?

They will earn up to $22 per game. However, this number can fluctuate. Some referees will get paid per season.

How much does a womens basketball referee earn for one game?


How much do Basketball Wives cast get paid?

Basketball Wives get paid $10,000 an episode!

How much does a referee for the super bowl get paid?

25,000Type your answer here...

How much does a big 12 football referee get paid?


How much do you get paid in basketball?

In Middle School and High School basketball, you get paid nothing. In the NBA, you get paid $100k a year.

When was Bob Delaney - basketball referee - born?

Bob Delaney - basketball referee - was born on 1951-11-01.

How much money does a big ten basketball referee earn per game?


What is the role of a referee in basketball?

The role of a basketball referee is to make sure the game of basketball runs smoothly and the right team wins the game. The referee also has the power to call off a game if conditions get too bad

Who is the American basketball referee in the Olympics?

womens referee- Felicia Grinter

How much does a 13 year old ice hockey referee get paid?


How much do NFL referee's get paid?

Between $42,000 and $120,000.00 based upon position and experience.

How much referees get paid?

$10 for sideline referees and $15 for the center referee per game. That is how much they usually get paid. This is a vague answer. How much you get paid depends on your organization. The higher age group you do the more you get paid.

Salary of a meac basketball referee?

what is the salary of meac basketball

What did the Referee in basketball do after every basket in basketball until 1937?

Jump ball

Is there a referee in basketball?


How much do soccer referees get paid in Cincinnati?

As an assistant referee, you could be payed anywhere from $15 to $26, and as referee anywhere from $26 to $40 a game.

How much does a referee get paid for a night of pay per view UFC fights?


How much does basketball player get paid?


How much are professional woman basketball players paid?

they are paid 250,000 a game

How much do cheerleders get paid?

they get paid $185.0000 and that's why they get more then basketball players

How much money does an NBA player get paid?

basketball players get paid as much as 20,000,000 a year 456,000

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