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80-100,000 a year

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โˆ™ 2008-12-09 16:44:30
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Q: How much does a Professional Motocross Mechanic make?
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How much do pro motocross racers make in a year?

about $1,000,000

How much does a mechanic assistant make?

Less than the mechanic.

What sports did Ricky Carmichael play?

Well, it's not so much a sport that's "played". He was a Motocross (dirtbike) professional.

How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

How much do professional swimmers make? How much do professional swimmers make?

How much do professional men snowboarders make?

How much do professional men snowboarders make?

How much do Mechanic make?

they make up to 30,000 a year

How much do mechanic make in a year?

average pay for diesel mechanic is 40,000 in a reputable comany

How much does a diesel mechanic earn?

I live in ohio an i am head to school for diesel mechanic an i wonder how much would i make a year??

How much money does a motocross track make a year?

Nothing.You lose money every year.

How much does a journeyman mechanic make?

how should I know

How much does an automotive mechanic make?

you roughly make forty dollars an hour to start out. then you make fiffty dollars a week as a middle class mechanic. and as a top mechanic you should make seventy-five to one hundred dollars an hour

How much money does a boat mechanic make?

They make 5,000 to 8,000 a month

How much do a mechanic make a week?

mechanics make about 150,ooo a week!

How much pro motocross rookies make?

Depends on what you can negotiate your contract for, what your results are and how many races you win.

How much money does a bicycle mechanic make?

Around 25K

How much does a space shuttle mechanic make?

200000 a year

How much money does a diesel mechanic make in Oklahoma?


How much does a regular mechanic make?

It varies by city and state.

How much does a Nissan mechanic make?

$36,387 according to

How much does A mechanic make in the army?

its depends on the rank of the soldier

How much can a expiereced auto mechanic make in Texas?


How much do civilian UAV Mechanic's Make?

huge loads!

How much money does a auto mechanic make in a week?


How much money do professional paintballers make?

not that much!Not enough to make a living.

How much do you earn racing motocross?

If you suck at riding... not very much at all. If you can outdo the GOAT, you will make more money than you know what to do with.