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Combat Baseball bats can cost anywhere from $70 for a junior bat to $270 for a Senior League baseball bat. They can be purchased at the Amazon online store.

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Q: How much does a Combat baseball bat cost?
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What does a Major League Baseball baseball bat cost?

A baseball and a bat cost $24. If the bat costs $10 more than the baseball, what is the cost of the bat (in $)?

How much does a wooden baseball bat cost?

A wooden baseball bat can cost anywhere from $40 at a store like Target to $100 for a personalized one.

What baseball bat has the most pop?

combat b1

Where can you get the cheapest combat b3 baseball bat?


What is the best estimate of a baseball bat?

well if your asking what the best bat is it is the combat b1

What if you buy a baseball and a bat and spend 31 The bat cost 19 more thant the basesall What is the price of the baseball?

Easy! The bat cost $25 and the baseball cost $6.

If A baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 1389.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

(1389.51-102.31)/41286.69/4321.6727≈321.67Answer: $321.67

If a baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 139.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

that's easy each ball costs $9.3

Why would you need a softball bat in combat?

You would need a softball bat in combat if there is no other weapon available. A softball bat is useful in combat because of the length of the bat and the hardness of the bat.

How much does an average wooden baseball bat cost?

Well if your a cheapo you can get one for about 20 bucks, but if you want a top of the line bat go to bat ware house .com and search sam bat. These are the best and they cost about 100 bucks

The best baseball bat ever?

combat b3 big barrel and the Easton XL1

What are all the baseball bat companies that make metal bats?

Combat is the only one

How much is a cf4 baseball bat?

cf4s usally cost 300 but i got mine in clerence for 200

A bat and a cost 1.10 The bat cost 1.00 more that the ball How much is the ball?


How much is a bat worth from Michael bertram?

How much did the bat cost? Stupid question.

What is the best baseball bat for pop?

A COMbat I have a Virus And A Throttle .... First Contact the ball goes

Which baseball bat could hit the hardest?

Composite bats hit the hardest i recommend combat

How much does a vampire bat cost?


Cost of baseball bat?

The average cost of a baseball bat can range from $20-$200. The factors that determine the price are brands and sizes of the bats. Baseball memorabilia bats that are autographed can auction for thousands.

What type of bat makes a baseball go farther Corked wooden etc?

composite combat to be specific

How much does a baseball bat cost?

there are many types of bats some aluminum bats are for 35-110 dollars but composite bats can go for 300 dollars. i have a composite bat and it is much better. but i would recomend an aluminum bat for beginners.

How much does a baseball bat and glove cost?

if you get the most expensive kind it might total up between $50 and $100

How much does the bat on Wild Ones cost?


How much does a new COMbat bat usually cost?

A new COMbat bat is roughly around the $190 range, give or take depending on the design. They are professionally designed bats with attention to form, size, weight and such. From children to adults, they provide more efficient use for the product through proper designs and modifications.

What is the difference between a b1 and b3 combat baseball bat?

b1 is for high-school play b3 is for minors