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The average cheerleader makes between $70-$150 per game. On top of this, there is no compensation for practice time, meaning that all cheerleaders have other jobs used to provide for themselves and their family.

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$100,000 a game

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$50 per home game

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Q: How much does a Bengals Cheerleader get paid?
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How much does a football cheerleader get paid?

I believe its no more than $100 per home game

Do NBA cheerleader get paid?

Yes, they get paid per performance and appearance.

How much does a cheerleader get a year?

Most NFL cheerleaders are paid less than a $100 per game. However, they can easily establish a career in entertainment by being a cheerleader.

How much do colleges get paid for cheerleading competitions?

Thats a good ? but they dont get paid much and im 12 I had to do an research paper on it 4 class and the pro. CHEERLEADERS get paid about $50.00 $ a few games and im a cheerleader my self

Who is the highest paid NBA cheerleader?

You can say the LAKERS, or the CELTICS.

What is an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader salary scale?

Not enough. $75/game and rarely get paid for appearances.

Salary of a Dallas cheerleader?

$50 per game, with options for paid appearances.

Why would someone want to be a professional cheerleader?

they like to cheerlead. and they'd like to get paid for it.

Larry Johnson signed with Cincinnati Bengals how much salary?

Johnson signed a 1 year contract with the Bengals for the prorated minimum salary. He will earn $255,290 from the Bengals while being paid the remainder of his $4.55 million 2009 salary from the Chiefs.

How much money did But I'm a Cheerleader gross domestically?

But I'm a Cheerleader grossed $2,205,627 in the domestic market.

How much does an Eagles cheerleader make?


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