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$1,100 a year

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Q: How much does a AAA baseball league player make?
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How much does a major league baseball player make a day on minimum?

Way to much!!!!

How much does a baseball major league player make?

The average salary for a Major League Baseball player is $3.39 million. The New York Yankees are the highest paying team in the league.

How much do mlb players make a year?

The average professional Major League baseball player salary is $3,440,000 as of 2012.

How much does a baseball player make a game?

it depends on the player..... a lot

How much does the average baseball player get paid in a single season?

In 2010, the average salary of a MLB player was $3,297,828. Alex Rodriguez leads with a salary of $33,000,000. The league minimum salary (2010) is $400,000. So, a baseball player is paid between $33,000,000 and $400,000.

How much money does Brandon League make?

MLB player Brandon League made $8500000 in the 2014 season.

How much meal money does a major league baseball player get?

The per diem for Major League Baseball players as of 2009 is $89.50 a day. In the minor league, it's only $20 a day.

How much does an average baseball player make a year?


How much money does a baseball player make in a week?


Who is a retired major league baseball player and is now a general manager?

pretty much all of them. billy beane

How much money do baseball player make?

if they're good and playing at a major league level they make a fair bit, but you don't make much in the minor leagues. which is an issue because its incredibly difficult to make it that far. I myself am toying with the possibility and making the jump to the minor league level but as i said, you dont make a lot at that level and its incredibly competitive

How much money a baseball player makes?

Salaries range from $350,000 for the league minimum to $27.5 M for the highest paid player (Alex Rodriguez).The average salary has not been published for 2008 yet, but it will be somewhere between $2 - $3.5 M.the minimum wage for a major league baseball player is almost $400000