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Q: How much does a 19th century football cost?
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How much does a 19th century factory cost?

your mother

How much would a 19th century cipriani sculpture cost?

depends on the sculpture.

How much did eyeglasses cost to make in 19th century England?

a lot of money man a lot of money.

How much did children get paid in the 19th century?


How much was a penny worth in the 19th century?

A penny, or 1¢.

How much did a barrel of amontillado cost in the 19th century?

The cost for a good cask of amontillado would be about 250.00 USD. Nowadays, an approximate cost for really good amontillado is perhaps 50.00 USD depending on where you purchase it.

How much does a football cost?

It costs about £7 for a football

How were guns cleaned in the 19th century?

Pretty much the same as they are now.

How much time passed between the Medieval times and the 19th century?


How much does an average football stadium cost?

To much

In the 18th and 19th centuries what did a mechanic do?

In the 18th century, mechanics were pretty much anyone who worked with tools to make or repair things. An example of an 18th century mechanic is Benjamin Franklin. In the 19th century, the definition was mostly the same as in the 18th century however, automobiles were beginning to be produced in the 19th century which would have been the beginnings of the profession of a mechanic.

Achievements in 19th century?

During the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution made it much easier to manufacture clothing inexpensively. It became increasingly common for people to wear cotton clothing.

How much does a Football Stadium Cost?

It would cost $5,000,000

How much were children paid to work during the 19th century?

Children were paid 312,3665579,345,6645,34675,643,008,677,344,644,855,146,568,995,580,245,678$ an hour in the 19 th century.

How much does a football pitch cost?

200 for a football pitch okay

How much did 16Th century bear baiting cost?

The cost in 16th century bear baiting cost is 4-10 Shillings

How much was a dollar worth in the 19th century?

4 pouns was worth $100 today

Which man controlled much of the railroad industry by the late 19th century?

Cornelius vanderbilt

How much does American football cost?


How much money does a football cost?


How much does a football team cost?


How much does a football ticket cost?

about £50

How much does a football cost a the store?


How much does a NFL football cost?


What 18th century movement was influenced by the invention of photography?

The camera was invented in the early 19th century (about 1820) and cannot much have influenced 18th century painting.