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he gets paid millions

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โˆ™ 2011-05-13 09:33:44
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Q: How much does Wayne Rooney get paid a year?
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How much does Wayne Rooney get paid on average per year?

I heard on the news that Rooney got paid 60million (pounds I spose), per year...i weas hopinf someone could clarify that but anyway Wayne Rooney is a hobo who lives in a cardboard box and drives a second hand go-kart Wayne Rooney gets paid about 110K per week i don't know per year though

How much does Wayne Rooney earn per year?

Wayne Rooney makes €13.8 million each year.

How much money did Wayne Rooney get for player of the year?

Rooney has not yet won player of the year.

How much does Wayne Rooney earn in a year?

1000000 pound a year

How much do Ryan gigg's get paid?

well Wayne Rooney gets paid 80 million so ive been doing research and Ryan giggs get paid 65 per year

How much Wayne Rooney earn per week?

2p every year

What year did alex Ferguson sign Wayne Rooney?

in which year did Ferdie sign Rooney

How much is Wayne Rooney paid per week?

Rooney gets around £90,000 a week + around £100,000 a week for all the advertising so £190,000 a year he get £10,640,00 so 10 million 640 thousand pound a year !

Is Wayne Rooney getting kicked off Manchester United?

No Wayne Rooney is not getting kicked out of Manchester United after all they paid over 24 and a half million pounds for him from Everton. He has been their top scorer last year, but not this year.

Will Wayne Rooney be good this year?

no he will be horrible

How much does Rooney get paid?

He gets 7,280,000 a year. That's a lot. but in my opinion he should get paid 1p

How many goals did Wayne Rooney score this season?

Wayne Rooney this time last year has scored 43 goals.

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