How much do they pay Lionel messi?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How much do they pay Lionel messi?
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What is Lionel Messi's real name?

His real name is Lionel Messi. His first name is Lionel and his last name is Messi. His full name is Lionel Andres Messi.

Who is more famous Lionel Messi or James Bond?

Lionel Messi. He is real. James Bond is fiction.

how much money does Lionel Messi have.?

Very much

How much for Lionel Messi?

300 million

How much of CT is forest?

Lionel messi

What is Messi's dad's name?

Lionel Messi's dad's name is Jorge Messi.

What is Lionel messis fullname?

Lionel Andrés Messi

What year did Lionel Messi die?

For your kind information , Lionel Messi is very much a alive and scoring sacks of goals for Barcelona.