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That would depend on how much the athlete has

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Q: How much do the athletes spend during the Olympic games?
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What is a sentence for the word pursuit of excellence?

In the pursuit of excellence, Olympic athletes spend hours and hours training for competition.

What does the IOC do?

Not a lot but spend money. They spend four years organising a games you and I could organise at our school in a couple of weeks. Actually, no they do not organize the Olympic games, they choose the city to do that.

How much did China spend on the 2008 Olympic Games?

Published estimates have put the number at over 40 billion dollars.

How much money did China spend for the 2008 Olympics?

It is estimated that Bejing spent over 100,000,000,000 U.S dollars on the Olympic games.

How do US athletes spend their leisure time?

US athletes spend their leisure time taking part in activities and hobbies that interest them. This may be doing charity work or relaxing with family.

How many hours do college athletes spend in the gym?

Depends on the sport

How much do Nike spend in athletes each year?

just over £100

How much does Nike spend worldwide on sponsoring athletes per year?


What do professional athletes spend their money on?

hey yall how are u today!dibilydabilydivicydibilydibilydabilydibilydoo

Why are countries willing to spend billans of pounds on the Olympic games?

I think that countries are willing to spend billions of pounds to host the Olympic Games because it is good PR for their country, it also gives it a good image. It is a long tradition and people want to keep that going. It is also good for the economy of that country and brings in a bit of tourism as well as money. I think they are willing to spend billions because all in all it benefits their country and is a great tradition that has gone on for many years.

How do drugs affect the sports people?

It damages their reputation and their health. The biggest problem with Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) is that they give an unfair advantage to the athletes who take them. Athletes who don't use PEDs claim, with merit, they are operating under an unfair obstacle. OTOH, some athletes complain that athletes who can afford high-altitude training, or even spend time in pressure-chambers are physically altering their bodies to produce similar advantages. Further, athletes who are receiving subsidies for their training from associations or governments can be said to have lost their amateur standing, supposedly a requirement for Olympic or World Championship competition. Still further, obviously professional athletes, like the WBA and the NHL are currently allowed to compete at World and Olympic level. Now then...feel free to take a stand...there are plenty of vacancies open.

What does a lazy person spend most of their time during work?

,Sitting, sleeping, talking, surfing the web, avoiding work, playing games

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