How much do the Oakland Raiders pay each player?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Click on the '2007 Oakland Raiders Salaries' link below to see the salaries of the Raiders for the 2007 season.

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Q: How much do the Oakland Raiders pay each player?
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Whosbetter between Houston oilers and Oakland Raiders?

The Raiders had much more success than the Oilers.

How much money did Jamarcus Russell make in 2007?

Jamarcus Russell was a rookie with the Oakland Raiders in 2007. That year he signed a 6 year, $68 million contract. Roughly $13 million was guaranteed money that the Raiders finally paid after a lengthy court battle.

Why did the Los Angeles raiders change to the Oakland Raiders?

Originally, the Al Davis moved the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles in 1982 for a much larger venue for the team. The team was so popular in Oakland during the 70's and the Oakland Coliseum held at about 46000 to 49000 at the time and was at capacity most of the time. The Raiders moved to Los Angeles on the promise of a much larger state of the art stadium and for a larger market for the team. They played 13 seasons in the Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles that held 92000. The stadium was typically half vacant during home games even during their 1983 Super Bowl run. I remember in 1990 when they were in AFC Divisional playoffs at home versus Cincinnati and by Friday night before the game they still had 9000 tickets available for a PLAYOFF GAME!!! Bo Jackson bought the remaining tickets himself told people to come to the game. Starting in the late 80's, they were doing preseason games in Oakland to see how the loyality was Oakland and it was awesome as ever. There was an actual push for them to move to Sacramento. Well, in the end, they never got their new stadium in Los Angeles. The fan support was the same as it was in Oakland except you have 45000 people in a 92000 seat stadium so the crowd was hardly a factor at home games. In the June of 1995, a sudden decision was made that the Raiders were coming back home. The Oakland Coliseum got $200M in renovations in 1996 and now the stadium holds 63000 for football. If you haven't been to a game, you need to go.

How much are the raiders?

500,000 bucks

How much money does each player get?

each player gets more than 1 million dollars each year

What is the win and loss record between Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys?

If you are talking total games, not even close. Since 1920 here are the top four: Chicago Bears with 672 wins Green Bay Packers with 634 wins New York Giants with 585 wins Washington Redskins with 540 wins

How much money did Raiders of the Lost Ark gross worldwide?

Raiders of the Lost Ark grossed $389,925,971 worldwide.

Who has more fans 49ers or Raiders?

raiders do even though they dont go to the superbowl that much

Who are the football player that wear the number 99?

defensive lineman and some linebackers do wear 99

Why do people like the raiders so much they stink?

they like their colers its not their colors!! its their team i love the raiders no matter wat!!

How much money did Raiders of the Lost Ark gross domestically?

Raiders of the Lost Ark grossed $248,159,971 in the domestic market.

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