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6 pounds of food a day

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Q: How much do sumo wrestlers eat a day?
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What do sumo wrestlers eat to stay fat?

Sumo wrestlers eat chanko nane a type of stew

What do sumo wrestlers eat?

Chanko-nabe is the food they eat twice a day. It is a stew made of fish.

Do sumo wrestlers eat flies?

YES Sumo wrestlers in ancient japan. Japanese sumo's opened there mouths and swallowed the flies that were on there faces

Does sumo wrestlers eat bananas?

of course they need the nutrience

Do sumo wrestlers have 3 or more meals a day to gain weight?

Actually, no, they typically only eat two meals a day. It consists mostly of a hearty fish stew, but they do eat vast quantities of food!

How do sumo wrestlers manage their weight?

They eat huge amounts of high calorie food. It is predominantly a rich stew. They consume bowls of it every day along with beer, saki and tea.

How many kg a sumo wrestler eat per day?

30kg a day

How to get a bigger butt and wider hips in one month?

eat more, and go to sleep right after eating. Just like sumo wrestlers

How many pounds of food does a Sumo wrestler eat each day?

A lot

What is the sumo wrestler's diet?

To gain weight, Sumo wrestlers eat two high caloric meals a day, roughly about 10,000 calories each, sleep between meals and drink a lot of beer. After they get up in the morning, they go straight into training skipping breakfast entirely. Then around 11-12 noon and 6-7pm each day they eat huge quantities of chankonabe, rice and wash it down with lots of beer. They also nap between meals. Chankonabe is a chicken broth stew with vegetables, other meats and fish added in. It is a high protein, healthy and nutritious food. Just eating chankonabe will not gain weight. But the secret to Sumo wrestlers' diet is that they gorge on chankonabe to gain weight. Some wrestlers can eat up to 10 bowls of rice at one sitting! This regimented diet, beer, sleep and rigorous training on an empty stomach is what make these wrestlers gain weight fast.

Why do sumo wrestlers live in a sumo training stable?

It provides a place to eat, sleep and train. Food is plentiful to help them gain weight. They train with the others in their stable so there are always training partners. The stable provides them with all the necessities they need.

How do you make your self fat very fast?

Eat lots of fatty or starchy foods and then fall asleep. Do not do anything to burn fat, just lay around. Sumo wrestlers eat lots of rice and then sleep on it.

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