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I am a referee for highschool and i get paid about 200 a game. I no youth refs get about 25 a game... THNKS

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Q: How much do referees get at a soccer game?
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How much do soccer referees get paid for international matchs?

The referees are paid handsomely they get 5,000 pounds for the game.

In soccer game the referees on the sidelines are technically?

They are technically called assistant referees.

What are the names of the linesmen in a soccer game?

Assistant Referees

How much do soccer referees cost?


What do referees do in a soccer game?

The referees have to control the game and players, and decide when the ball is a free kick, penalty, throw in and a corner.

How many referees are in a game of youth soccer?

3 ref.

What do world cup soccer referees earn?

A soccer referee earns about 750 dollars a game.

Do referees give out yellow and red cards in the game of soccer?


How many soccer referees on field at once?

3 referees are in soccer and football

What does a soccer game begin with?

The game begins with the referees whistle blown, followed by the kick off.

Who are the participants in game soccer?

Soccer players Referees Assistant Referees Coaches Management Substitutes Ball personnel First Aid personnel Ground Keepers Ground Officials Spectators

How many referees in a professional Soccer game?

At least 3, sometimes more depending on location

What is the song playing when homer referees lisa's soccer game?

Paul Revere and the Raiders - Kicks

Are there girl soccer referees?


Definition of soccer officials?


How much do soccer referees get paid in Cincinnati?

As an assistant referee, you could be payed anywhere from $15 to $26, and as referee anywhere from $26 to $40 a game.

How much do English football referees get?

they get about £2000 a game depending on what game

How much do NCAA referees earn for one game?

about a thousand

How many referees are on a soccer field during a soccer game?

There is three official referees, one running on the field and one on each sideline. They do have a reserve/4th ref who is out of the field. Currently there is an experiment with an extra referee behind the goals.

What is a Class-A soccer referee?

Soccer referees are graded by levels, not by classes. Informally, a referee might be considered "Class A" if they are certified International referees.

How many referees are in a baseball game?

There are four referees in a baseball game.

Do referees have to wear shin guards?

If you're talking about soccer referees, I don not believe so.

Who are the referees for the NFC championship game?

Referees for the AfC jet/Steeler game?

What is the referees flag color in soccer?

red or yellow

Is there professional soccer referees in Portugal?

The answer is obviously. Yes.