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There is a wide range, from several thousand to several million dollars annually.

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Q: How much do professional golfers make?
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Do professional golfers get paid overtime?

No. Professional golfers in a tournament get paid depending on their standings. Otherwise, professional golfers get paid for teaching.

How many professional golfers are there in the US?

There are more than 27,000 professional men and women golfers in the United States. These golfers are trained through the PGA - the Professional Golfers' Association of America.

How many professional golfers make a hole in one in their careers?

There are many professional golfers that have made a hole in one in their career. One of the more popular professional golfer is Tiger Woods. They have either done it in a professional tournament or in a casual game.

When was Professional Golfers' Association of America created?

Professional Golfers' Association of America was created on 1916-04-10.

What is the motto of Professional Golfers' Association of America?

Professional Golfers' Association of America's motto is 'Experts in the game and business of golf'.

Do professional golfers have handicaps?

No, only amateur golfers have handicaps, when a golfer turns professional they no longer play in accordance with the handicap system.

Do professional golfers use handicaps?


How much do teen caddies make?

10% of the golfers profit

What is Tiger Woods' handicap?

Professional Golfers do not have handicaps.

What is Martin Kaymer's handicap?

Professional golfers do not have handicaps

How many professional golfers in china and japan?


What is a golfers assistant called?

A golfer's assistant is called a caddy. A caddy is paid by golfer. Most professional golfers have caddies.

How much does an average caddy make?

10% of golfers prize money

Do golfers get paid if they don't make the cut?

I believe the golfers don't get paid when they do not make the cut..

Which professional golfers use Wilson Golf clubs?

There are many professional golfers that use the Wilson brand of golf clubs. Some of the players who use them include Ricky Barnes and Padraig Harrington.

Do PGA golfers always use the same caddy?

Yes, Professional Golfers always use the same caddy. They do so because they make get on well with them, they trust their club selection, are good with yardages and can help read putts.

What is an Organization with aces and chips?

The : PGA - Professional Golfers Association

What are the PGA golf?

The PGA is the Professional Golfers Association in Golf.

How many professional golfers?

I would say over 300,000

Who teaches golf at a golf course?

A Golf Professional teaches golf lessons. Golf professionals have different titles from Head Professional, Managing Director of Golf, Assistant Professional, and Lesson Professional. Professional Golfers are PGA (Professional Golfers Association) certified. It takes years, and a skills test to become a top level PGA Member.

Do all professional golfers always use gps rangefinders?

No, only some professional golfers use them. They aren't allowed to use them during tournament play, but even so only some of the golfers use them. Most use their caddies on a daily basis to develop a better relationship.

How much do pro disc golfers make?

Pro dic golfers can earn anywhere from $100-$55,000 maybe more but its a humble amount and not anyways about the money.

How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

How much do professional swimmers make? How much do professional swimmers make?

What is the difference between Amateur and Professional golfers?

Amateur golfers have handicaps, professionals do not. Amateur golfers can only win prizes with a retail value of (£250/$500), professional golfers have no limit on their winnings. Amateur golfers may wear shorts in tournaments, professional golfers cannot. Players in PGA tournaments in the US must attend a school to become tour-qualified, and must be members of the PGA or associated world golf organizations. The tournament agreement stipulates a player's behavior, adherence to the rules, and disposition of their rights for broadcast television appearances.

When was the professional golfers association of America founded?

1916, in New York