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Q: How much do premier league football players earn?
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How much do semi professional English football players earn?

championship players earn thousands league 1 thousands league 2 thousand

How much do soccer players earn per year?

Depending who they play for? In the English Premier League, players earn about £50-60,000 a week, so that works out to be, £2,600,000-£3,120,000!

How Much Does A Football Physio Earn?

In premier league football, being a physio is a demanding position. You could expect to earn about £150,000-£200,000 per year.

On average how much do premier league football players earn a week?

$300000 Some Blackpool players i heard were on as little as 10grand a week only the bigger clubs that dish out the crazy money of up to 250 grand a week

What fantasypremier leaguecom is?

a football website where you can create your own team using players from the premier league using 100million in the bank you earn different amount of points each week depending on how well your players play in real life

How much you earn if you win premier league get?


How much money does an average football player earn a month?

The top player's earn about ร‚ยฃ120,000 a week and a average premier ship players earn about ร‚ยฃ50-ร‚ยฃ60,000 a week.

How much does premier league referee earn?

Up to 60,000

Do football coaches earn high than football players?


How much do Irish league players earn?

Compared to Barclays Premier League players they get paid very little. A top player would be on maybe £1000 a week and most players would be on £100-300 a week. Most of the players still have full time jobs.

How much earn a player of a french premier league division?


How much money would a lower standard player of the English Premier League earn on a weekly basis?

Lower standard players usually earn around

What is the salary of a football physio?

The Highest current Premiership wage is currently £200,000 per year (Manchester city). There are many others who earn £150,000 in the Premier League.

How much do pro football players earn?

On average, about $1,000,000

How much do A-league players earn?

Around 4000 a week

What percentage of college football players earn a degree?


How much were the first professional football players paid?

I don't think they earned anything. If it is like rugby league in Australia, they probably had day jobs to earn money and played football as a passion.

Who makes more money soccer players or football players?

soccer premier players outrank the nfl but it depends on what levelAnswerFootball is known in usa and Canada as soccer. American football is known globally as gridiron. The top footballers earn more than the top nfl players. The average gridiron players career is just 4 years, where as the average footballers career in 14 years.

How much money does a football player make in five years?

Depends on what team you are draphted to and the need for you. Top league players can earn millions but if you are on the bench or nhave just been draphted you will not earn as much

Who earn the most in the premier league?

It is Wayne Rooney, earning £250,000 a week, at Manchester United.

What does a premier league footballer earn?

From 1 000 000 to 1 000 000 000 euros.

How much do basketball players earn in the Swedish basketball league?

alot alot

What percent of major league players earn 5 million or more?


How much do d league basketball players earn?

A whole lotta money

How much does an average footballer earn per year in the premiership?

The Average Premier League player's salary is 31,000 pounds per week. Top players can receive as much as 250,000 pounds a week.