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Q: How much do players make for the nfl playoffs?
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How much do NFL players make a month?

to much =-)

What do NFL players make?

If your talking about how much money they make, NFL players can earn as much as 3 million dollars a year, more if they win the super bowl.

How much money does an NFL player get for the playoffs?

A NFL player gets their regular salary during the playoffs

Can NFL teams pick up players during the playoffs?

no it is after the trade deadline

Who has the most interceptions in playoffs among active nfl players?

Ed Reed

How much do NFL players make?


How much do inactive NFL players make?


How much NFL players make?


Do NFL employees get paid if the team they work for makes the playoffs?

do nfl employees get paid if the team they work for make the playoffs

How does a team in the NFL get into the playoffs?

There are four divisions in each of the two conferences in the NFL. The eight division winners make the playoffs and the teams with the two best records in each conference that did not win their division make the playoffs as 'wildcards'.

Why do NFL players make so much money?

NFL players make so much money because there are so many fans who come to the game. Without the fans, TV brodcsts, and food, no one would pay for the players salaries.

How does a team make it to the NFL playoffs?

By working your tail off.

Which young upstart NFL team will make the playoffs?

The young upstart NFL team that is predicted may make the playoffs is the Indianapolis Colts though they have little chance of actually winning the finals.

Can NFL team have a losing record and make the playoff?

Yes. Six teams from each conference make the playoffs, the four division winners and the two teams with the best won/loss record that did not win their division. If a division winner's record is less than .500 they still make the playoffs. If the record of one of the two teams with the best record that did not win their division is less than .500, they still make the playoffs. Only three teams with losing records have ever made the NFL playoffs: The Browns and Lions both entered the 1982 playoffs with 4-5 records. (The season was shortened by a players' strike.) In 2010 the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record, becoming the first NFL team to make the playoffs with a losing record in a full season.

How much does an NFL agent make?

Usually about 3-5% of their players salary.

How much money do nfl players make from jersey sales?

83 cents

How much do NFL players make per game?

Doug Miller makes $156,000,000 dollars per NFL game

Has an nfl team ever started 6-0 and not make the playoffs?

In 2009, the Denver Broncos started 6-0 and did not make the playoffs.

Do nba players make more money than NFL?

NBA players make more money than NFL players because in the NBA there are more games and the more games you play the more money you make. So that is why the NBA players make more money than the NFL players.

How much do the NFL players make a mouth?

Depends on how good and what position the player plays.

How much do professional NFL players make?

Kindly refer to the attach link below.

How much do 1 year pro nfl players make?

100k-200k for rookies.

When was NFL Cheerleader Playoffs created?

NFL Cheerleader Playoffs was created in 2006.

How much do NFL player make?

The average NFL salary is 1.9 million dollars per year. Some players make much more. For example, quarterback Aaron Rogers has the highest individual salary at $22 million. Some players also make much less-- the league minimum salary is $420,000.

How many 8-8 teams NFL playoffs?

Most teams get to make the playoffs at 8&8 if that is your question?