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A lot of money

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Q: How much do nfl players get paid for playoff games?
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How do players get paid for NFL playoff games?

NFL players get paid a yearly salary. Playoff payments are bonuses. Such as, for the 2007 Super Bowl, the Colts got $73,000 per player for winning and the Bears gor $38,000 per player for losing. For first round playoff games, it is more like $20,000 to the winner and $10,000 to the loser.

How much do football players get paid during preseason?

nfl players get game checks but not in the preseason.So do they get paid for preseason games .And do they get a percentage of the gate or merchandice at presesaon games.

How much does a nba referee earn in a playoff game?

They get paid in chocolate. 23 LOCO CHOCO BARz every three games.

How much do professional basketball players get paid in NZ?

Not as much as NBA players

How much to euroleague basketball players get paid?

the top players get paid 30-50 million

How much do baseball players get paid a game?

Baseball players get paid about 20,000 dollars a game

How much were negro baseball players paid?

They are paid about 2,000,000

Do rugby league players get paid to much and why?

In comparison to American football players and soccer players they certainly are not over paid but for the top players its considered that they may be under paid

How much do coaches get paid for pro bowl?

they get paid as much as the players win the game.

How much do pro bowl coaches get paid?

they get paid as much as the players win the game

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


How much do badminton players get paid?

Not on your Nelly

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