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Steven Gerrard and David Beckham are reported to earn over £100,000 A WEEK - that's more than £5 million a year

The question is one that can not be answered with any sort of exactitude. The amounts vary dependant on which level of Football. (Pub Level, Championship or Premier League) Players can be paid as little as 50 Pounds per week to astronomical figures such as Christiano Ronaldo, who is paid as much as 11 milllion Euros per year.

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Q: How much do footballers get paid a year?
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How much on average do footballers get paid?

Premiership footballers earn an average of £676,000 per year.

How much does footballers get paid ronaldo?

he is on a contract for £11 million per year

How much do women footballers get paid compared to men footballers?

how much do women footballer get paid and how it all started

How much money footballers get paid?

footballer get 120,000 a week , a year way over a million.

How much are footballers paid?

They are paid from 0$ to 240000$

How much do footballers get paid?


How much do English footballers get paid?

Too much

How much money do footballers get a year?

Some of the world's top footballers can earn £250,000 each week. Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the world's highest paid player at $73 million per year.

How much do footballers get paid each year?

It varies from player to player on how good they are, the best get 150,000 pounds a week.

How much do footballers get paid weekly?


Are footballers paid too much?


How much do footballers get paid a second?


How much did footballers used to get paid?

not as much as now anyway!!

Why should footballers get that much money?

In my opinion, they shouldn't ! Premiership footballers get paid more per game than some people (who do real jobs) earn in a year !

How much do men footballers get paid?

Salaries can change, however, for male footballers in English League One, the average was the equivalent of $144,000. Footballers in League Two can earn about $78,000 per year. Championship players can earn well over $400,000 annually.

Are footballers have been paid far too much?


How much do footballers get paid a day?

randomly 13k a day

How much do footballers get paid in sponsorship?

depends all different

Should rugby players get paid as much as footballers?


How much do footballers get paid a day to play in the world cup?


How much to England footballers get paid?

£10,000 - £150,000 per week

Should footballers get paid as much as they do?

The answer's obvious, NO! They are all paid way too much, especially those in the Premier League.

How much do ladies footballers get paid?

Women get paid around about £40 a day for playing women's professional football.

How much do footballers get paid a week?

Robinho gets paid £160,000 a week and Kaka gets paid £145,000 a week. David Beckham gets £200,000 a week! Not that he deserves that much!!!

How much money does Pele earns?

Footballers in the 1950,60 and 70s did not get paid as todays players.