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According to the NFL Players Association, this year the lowest paid players will make about 99-34 million, with the average at about 1.1 million. Each team has a salary cap and it was $99 million in 2009. Most of the higher end players will make more money with endorsements.
around 1 million

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Q: How much do football players make?
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How much money does collage football players make?


How much do college football players make?

It is against the NCAA Rules to pay college football players, therefore, college football players make $0 per year until they get to the pros.

How much do pro football players make?


How much does a pro footballer makes?

pro football players make about probably depends on how popular the team or players are so really you never know how much a pro football player can make

How much money does a football referee get?

Football players make about 3,000 dollars a game I believe

How much income do professional football player make?

Pro football players can make from around 300,000-40,000,000 a year

How much do Swedish football players make?

It depends on how good the player are.

How much do green bay blizzard football players make a year?

$125,000 for first year players.

What kind of work do football players make?

Football players provide entertainment.

How much money do players in the American Indoor Football Association make?

Players make $250 per game with a $50 win bonus.

How much money did football players make in the 1920's?

12 dollars

Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

How much do CFL players get paid?

Salaries in the Canadian Football League are much lower than those in the National Football League. CFL players make an average salary of $80,000 per year.

How much money do Arena Football League players make a year?

They make on average from $50,000-$250,000.

How much money would the 1950 football players make a game?

Much less than they do now.

How much does a pro football player make a moth?

0, moth's don't receive any help from football players

How much money do football players make a year?

It matters if your talking about the quarterbacks or whatever

How much money does an nfl football player make an year?

Average players make about 1 to 5 million

How much does a NFL football player make?

In a year depending on the players average 2 million

How much money does rookie football players make?

millions even the onwes that dont play

Who make more money football players or basketball players?

Probably Football players considering that Chad OChocinco has $25,000 Beats by Dre.

How much do football players get paid?

rookies make 800,000 to 2 million a year. other famous players make close to 15 million according to their contract with that franchise

How much do football players earn?

rookies make 800,000 to 2 million a year. other famous players make close to 15 million according to their contract with that franchise

How much players in football game as per Indians football?


Do baseball players get more money or football players?

Baseball players because in football there Is a limit to how much money you can be paid unlike in baseball there is no limit