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pro football players make about probably depends on how popular the team or players are so really you never know how much a pro football player can make

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Q: How much does a pro footballer makes?
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When was James Maxwell - footballer - born?

James Maxwell - footballer - was born in 1900.

When did Jack Hunter - footballer - die?

Jack Hunter - footballer - died in 1903.

When was Francisco Rodrigues - Portuguese footballer - born?

Francisco Rodrigues - Portuguese footballer - was born in 1914.

When was Cao - Portuguese footballer - born?

Cao - Portuguese footballer - was born on 1968-10-20.

Worlds richest footballer?

The richest footballer is David Beckham and Lionel Messi.

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How much those a semi pro footballer earn?

They make nothing.

Who makes more money a pro football player or a lawyer?

a pro footballer (j. terry gets around 125 grand or 150 grand a week a lawyer would get much less

Who is the worst pro footballer?

wanye Rooney

What ar the Odds of becoming pro football player?

how much you want to become a pro footballer if you really want to be a pro then you have to show your skills for the team you play and you have to train hard that what i think

Is Fernando Torres a footballer?

Fernando Torres is a pro footballer for Chelsea FC And the Spanish national team

How much money does a pro baseball player makes?

Around 1.4m

How much a pro soccer player makes a week?

5 million

How much money a pro soccer player makes a year?

A lot! : )

The best pro footballer is?

reggie bush for this generation because he's hot!

When did ronaldihno become a professional soccer player?

He became a pro footballer in 1998.

What education does a pro footballer need?

None, just capable footballing ability And math.

How fast can you kick a football?

an average pro footballer can hit the ball up to 70mph.