How much do commercials cost?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It depends on the time (e.g. Prime time will cost more), what's on the telly. More people will watch the World Cup final than will watch daytime TV, so World Cup final advertisements will cost more.

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It depends on where in the world you are making it, and the medium (radio/TV etc).

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Q: How much do commercials cost?
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How much do used commercials cost?

Used commercials cost depends on what kind of used commercial you are trying to get. For instance, If you get a washing machine or dryer it is usually $1,500 to $3,000.

How much does a commercial cost for BBC?

The BBC is currently funded by the licence fee - not commercials.

Why do campaigns cost so much money?

One reason why campaigns cost so much money is the cost of the television commercials. Another reason for the high price of campaigns is the amount of traveling that is done.

How much money did doritos spend on Super Bowl commercials?

Every commercial cost 3,500,000 on the super bowl

How much do commercials cost during the BCS Championship Bowl game?

A 30-second commercial costs about $1 million.

How much for a Commercial cost for BCS game?

Its on espn. People that are veiwing it on espn already pay espn for the service so commercials are priced similar to noramal commercials

How much does the commercials cost during NBA finals?

During the NBA finals a commercial can cost up to $1,000,000.00 Usd for 1 minute, For 30 seconds it's $500,000.00 Usd.

How much do television commercials cost?

it would depend on the network... it would work roun 450,000 on NBC if it is a raelly popular show. not kidding!!

How much does it cost to air a 60 second commercial on tv?

These TV commercials are typically used by local advertisers to get their message out their in a simple and cost-friendly way. Because the graphics are simple and the editing time is minimal, these commercials can be produced and on air within 24 hours. The average cost for a tier 3 TV commercial is $750-$1500.

What happens if the products commercials are too much commercials?

sorry but this question makes no sense :-/

What is the cost for local commercials during super bowl on average?


Does TV FX channel have commercials?

Yes every channel has commercials but if its a movie or something than they don't have as much commercials but they still do have some.