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well it depends on the rarity and condition. ( super rare, mint condition.)

(ex. Babe Ruth Baseball card with actual signature. never touched. WORTH: A Lot Of $$$)

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2011-09-13 03:34:11
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Q: How much do bat baseball cards cost?
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What does a Major League Baseball baseball bat cost?

A baseball and a bat cost $24. If the bat costs $10 more than the baseball, what is the cost of the bat (in $)?

How much does a Combat baseball bat cost?

Combat baseball bats can cost anywhere from $70 for a junior bat to $270 for a Senior League baseball bat. They can be purchased at the Amazon online store.

How much does a wooden baseball bat cost?

A wooden baseball bat can cost anywhere from $40 at a store like Target to $100 for a personalized one.

What if you buy a baseball and a bat and spend 31 The bat cost 19 more thant the basesall What is the price of the baseball?

Easy! The bat cost $25 and the baseball cost $6.

If A baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 1389.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

(1389.51-102.31)/41286.69/4321.6727≈321.67Answer: $321.67

If a baseball bat and 4 baseballs cost 139.51 the bat cost 102.31 what is the cost of 1 baseball?

that's easy each ball costs $9.3

How much does an average wooden baseball bat cost?

Well if your a cheapo you can get one for about 20 bucks, but if you want a top of the line bat go to bat ware house .com and search sam bat. These are the best and they cost about 100 bucks

How much is a cf4 baseball bat?

cf4s usally cost 300 but i got mine in clerence for 200

A bat and a cost 1.10 The bat cost 1.00 more that the ball How much is the ball?


How much is a bat worth from Michael bertram?

How much did the bat cost? Stupid question.

Cost of baseball bat?

The average cost of a baseball bat can range from $20-$200. The factors that determine the price are brands and sizes of the bats. Baseball memorabilia bats that are autographed can auction for thousands.

How much does a baseball bat cost?

there are many types of bats some aluminum bats are for 35-110 dollars but composite bats can go for 300 dollars. i have a composite bat and it is much better. but i would recomend an aluminum bat for beginners.

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