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they dont

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Q: How much do basketball player sweat in a game?
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How much money does a professional basketball player a game?

The salary of a professional basketball player varies by team. The average salary of a pro basketball player is $5.5 million.

How much does an average basketball player get every game?

10 points

How much do basketball player make hourly?

Some make $120,000 a game

How much education is required to be a basketball player?

How much education is required to be a basketball player?

How much money does a pro basketball player make each game?

I dont know.. sorry

How much does the average basketball player make per game?

50,000dollars per game but it depends on the team and how many people come

How much money does a starter basketball player make during each playoff series of the a game?

Hella bank...

How much time does a coach have to make a sub for a player that has fouled out of a high school basketball game?

1 minute

How much is basketball tickets?

Depeneds on the game

How much money do basketball player make?

it depends on the player

How much do you sweat during a average soccer game?

you are able to sweat more than 50 gallons of sweat if you give your best in the field.

How much pro basketball player get?


How much does basketball player get paid?


How much money earn professional basketball player earn per game?

1 cent per 10 years

What is a control player in basketball?

A control player in basketball, is one who does not rely as much on the power behind his shots, as on their placement.

How much money does an basketball player makes?

not a lot

How much money does a basketball player make?


How much a basketball player make a year?

It varies...

How much do an average basketball player make?


How much do a basketball player make a year?

basketball players make different salaries. it just depends on how much the coach offers him for the season, and if the player accepts it

How much milk does a basketball player need a day?

Depends on if the player is a vegan or not!

How much area would a basketball player have on a basketball court?

Share the ball, and be a good leader

How much money does a NBA basketball player make?

not every basketball player makes the same amount of money. it depends who it is and how good they are

How much is a ticket for US men's basketball game?


How is bocce different from baseball and basketball?

it is a much older game