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It's completely dependent on region and league; there is no fixed rate. I referee competitive youth, amateur adult, and high school matches and earn from US$24 to US$37 per match for assistant referee.

For center, it goes from $40 to $80 per match.

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Q: How much do assistant soccer refs get paied?
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How much do soccer refs make?

10.50 an hour

How much do soccer sidline refs make?

10.50 an hour

Who runs more soccer refs or players?

Depends on how much you play, but usually soccer players BY FAR. (:

How much do referees get at a soccer game?

I am a referee for highschool and i get paid about 200 a game. I no youth refs get about 25 a game... THNKS

How much do mini soccer refs earn?

most little kids games are sometimes voluntary, salary increases as the skill level moves up

Why at soccer games does the crowd whistle like birds when they are about to win?

its to imitate the refs whistle

How may refs for a soccer game?

Generally 3. Referee, and two Assistant Referees. However in higher standards there are sometimes 4. Referee, two Assistant Referees and a 4th Official. In European game, and also International matches, there can be up to 6. Referee, two Assistant Referees, 4th Official and then 2 officials who stand on the goal line.

What are the offcials in hockey?

The officials in hockey are like the refs in American football or soccer. They are the ones on the ice or field the enforce the rules! Typically they're between 2-4 refs on the ice at one time depending on the Level of play!

Is soccer easy and can you get hurt in it?

Soccer can be easy but there are some parts that are hard. In soccer you can get into higher leagues. I play soccer myself and its easy for me because I've been playing for a while. You can get hurt in soccer but sometimes they will call a foul and you will get a free kick. Sometimes the refs don't see everything.

Is there an age limit for SG soccer cleats?

No there is not an age limit for wearing SG stud on your soccer cleats. Some refs might be picky because you can unscrew them and the ref doesn't a stud on the field.

How do you make the ODP for Soccer?

allways play a great game i got noticed cause one of the refs was a odp person and he noticed me play

How much do nfl refs make per game?

about 300 dollars