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$50 per home game

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Q: How much do San Diego Chargers cheerleaders get paid salaries?
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How much does phillip rivers from the San Diego Chargers get paid?

USA Today salary page for Philip Rivers

How much does the players for San Diego Chargers get paid?

106 bucks

How much ownership of the San Diego Chargers did Alex Spanos purchase from Eugene Klein in 1984?


How much do college cheerleaders get paid?

Of all the colleges I researched, none pay their cheerleaders.

How much do average Chargers tickets cost?

An average cost for two tickets to attend a San Diego Chargers football game is about eighty-one dollars per ticket. This price does not include fees for use of the parking facilities at the venue.

How did women's salaries differ from men's salaries?

Women salaries were about half as much as men's .

How much money do the Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleaders get?

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't had cheerleaders since 1969.

Where can someone buy tickets for chargers cowboys?

You can purchase the tickets at the San Diego Chargers website or the Dallas Cowboys website for single tickets, group tickets, luxury suites, season tickets and much more. You can also buy them from other websites such as "StubHub".

How much do dolphin cheerleaders get paid?

Cheerleaders do not get paid much. Most cheerleaders earn about 500 dollars to 750 dollars per season though this does not include extras like calendars and appearances they get paid for.

How much does professional cheerleaders get paid?


How much do artists get for there salaries?

Most don't get salaries. They earn from what they sell.

How much are dsi chargers at Gamestop?

DSI chargers can cost 10$ at game stop

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