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Around $600,000 a year to the VERY GOOD kickers can make 3.3 million a year! Highest paid kicker ever made 3.3 million just to kick the football 5-8 times a game.. What a joke right?

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Q: How much do NFL kickers make?
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How much do NFL kickers make a year?

300 million a year

How many kickers are on an NFL team?

about 1-2 kickers are on team

How much do CFL kickers make?


What is the dress code for the NFL Kickers?

a uniform

How far do NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage?

It is not known how far exactly NFL kickers stand from the line of scrimmage when attempting a field goal. Most NFL kickers average a field goal range of 35 yards.

How many black punters are in the NFL?

The are no black punters or kickers in the NFL.

Why do NFL kickers deform the ball on the ground before they kick?

Kickers do not deform the ball before they kick it.

Any current kickers in the NFL?

Nick Folk

Can an NFL team have more than 2 kickers?

Yes, they can. An NFL team can be entirely composed of kickers if such a team wanted to, but obviously, that would never happen.

Can the nfl sign walk on kickers?

yes, there are multiple camps kickers can go to and get DOES cost money though..

Who were the first two NFL kickers to make 63-yard field goals?

Tom dempsey and Jason Elam.

Which NFL players wear number 54?

Quarterbacks and kickers.

Famous NFL Kickers named Jason?

Jason elam

What is a k-ball?

The ball kickers and punters use in the NFL.

Was Mark Moseley a barefoot kicker?

No. But he was the last of the straight-on kickers in the NFL.

Top 5 highest paid kickers in the nfl?

Sebastian Janikowski!

What is the name of the family of NFL kickers they played in the 90's?

the Gramaticas

How much does a NFL kicker get paid?

NFL kickers typically get paid approximately three million dollars per year. However, it depends on the team they work for and the status of their contract.

Who were left footed kickers in the NFL?

Current Left Footed kickers in the NFL: David Akers, Morton Anderson, Sebastian Janikowski, Joe Nedney, and John Kasay. I'm sure there's more..

Who are the oldest active NFL players who are not kickers?

The oldest is Brett Farve At this time

Does the income of a NFL player depend on his position?

Sorta. Kickers/Punters don't make as much as QB's. Also different positions on the field vary in salary. Such as Left Offensive Tackles make more than a center.

Was there ever a female NFL kicker?

No, there has never been a women to play in the NFL. There have been several women kickers in college, but none in the NFL.

Are there Black place kickers in the NFL?

As of Jan 2, 2008, there are no black place kickers in the NFL.But there is a black punter. Reggie Hodges recently played for the Titans.

What shoe do most place kickers wear in the NFL?

Soccer shoes on the kicking foot.

How much does a umpire in the NFL make?

How much does an NFL Umpire make for a playoff football game?

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