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around $20,000 a game, checked by Michael Klahn

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Q: How much do NBA sport announcers make a game?
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How much do boxing ring announcers make?

It depends...the announcer guy who does the big mayor fights gets 5mill a gig

How much does professional athletes make?

Really, it depends on what sport. Do you mean per-game or per-year or per-month?

How much over time was the longest over time game?

That would vary by sport.

How much money does Australia sport make a year?

not much...around $20,000-30,000

How much does a major league baseball announcer make?

Average Hourly Pay: $14.98 Average Annual Salary: $31,160

How much do sport chalet employees make?

Full Time Employees: about $3,600

How much money do sport medicine people make?

250,000 per year

How much money a athlete can make per year?

It really depends on the sport.

Why Africa called a game country?

Africa is called a game country. Here game refers to the hunting sport. Since Africa has an abundant forest cover and also many animals living in it, the people hunt animals very much which is why it is referred to as a sport.

How much money does an game designer make an year?

depends on the game that u make

How much does Lebron James make a game?

500,000 a game

How much does Stephen Curry make a game?

500,000 a game