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Some Blackpool players i heard were on as little as 10grand a week only the bigger clubs that dish out the crazy money of up to 250 grand a week

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a lot

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Q: How much do Chelsea players earn a week?
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How much does Salomon Kalou the Chelsea player earn in a week?

52,000GBP/ week

How much does Chelsea's Essien Michael earn?

Michael Essien earns roughly 80,000 to 90,000 pounds a week at Chelsea.

How much so football players make?

It depends really. League 2 players could earn around £10k a week but in the prem wages go up to at least £120k a week in teams like Chelsea, man u, Liverpool & arsenal

How much do A-league players earn?

Around 4000 a week

On average how much do premiership footballers earn in a year without endorsements?

Premiership players earn an average of 31,000 pounds a week. The best players can receive as much as 250,000 pounds a week.

How much does shevchenko the Chelsea player earn a week?

130,000 pounds per week, together with German captain Micheal Ballack.

How much does Fernando Torres earn in a week including all other bonuses in Chelsea?

around £350

Earnings being a pro soccer player?

it depends...anything from £1k a week to £200k a week average wage in premiership would be £50k a week but you get the ronaldos, rooneys, and moneygrabbing Chelsea players who earn £200k a week A club in league 1 would pay about £1.5k a week to their players

How much does mamelodi sundowns players earn?

150 us dollar per week

How much does mikel obi of Chelsea earn weekly?

it is said to be 40,000 but that's not for sure

How much do scottish 3rd division players earn?

they earn between 50 and 150 pounds a week plus bonuses

How much does mikel obi of Chelsea earn a week?

John Obi Mikel of Chelsea FC earns [currently]: 60,000 per week. Personally, I think he should get less.