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$30,000 each

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Q: How much did the Los Angeles Lakers 2010 ring cost?
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How much are the Los Angeles Lakers worth?

According to Forbes in 2007, the Los Angeles Lakers are worth 586 million dollars.

How much are Los Angeles Lakers season tickets?

The price for Los Angeles Lakers Season tickets are $100 per seat.

How much is an average NBA team worth?

i would say 350,000,000$ (350 million $). the Los Angeles Lakers cost 607,000,000 $ though

Why are the lakers in California?

The Revenue made for a team in Los Angeles is much greater than Minnesota. Therefore under new management the Lakers were moved to Los Angeles

How much do the Lakers doctor dre headphones cost?


How much do season tickets cost for the lakers?

100 dollars a seat

How much is Phil Jackson worth?

Phil Jackson Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers is worth 27.6 million.

How much is a Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers card worth?

Check the priceguide! Depends on the year, brand, etc.

How much is a signed season 2003-2004 basketball from the Los Angeles Lakers worth?

its so bad they give you money to have it

How Much Is Kobe Bryant's Height?

Los Angeles Lakers basketball star, Kobe Bryant, is approximately 6'6'' (1.98m).

Which NBA teams have the most wins since 2000?

Since 2000 the Los Angeles Lakers has had the most wins in the NBA. Due to injuries and trades the Lakers have not had much success the past two seasons.

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am 2010 Mercedes- Benz costs 1,000,000,000 dollars

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It will cost aproximatly £1023

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how much does PS2 cost in RM 2010

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How much champagne did the lakers use last night after winning the 2010 NBA championship?

more then your momma can drink

How much does it cost to get floor seats at a lakers game?

It depends what game and section. But somewhere between $3,000 to $32,000

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How much did personal computers cost from 1900-2010?

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