How much did drogba cost?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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24 million

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Q: How much did drogba cost?
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How much is Drogba paid?

Drogba is on £172,500 a week at Chelsea

Who is a bigger diver ronaldo or drogba?

Drogba is a much better diver than Ronaldo.

How much did drogba cost Chelsea?

he cost Chelsea 24 million which was then chelseas record signing bloody goood since then well not since he caught maleria anywayz

Who is better drogba or ronaldo?

Drogba is much better than Ronaldo !! Ronaldo is a stupid Portuguese player "!!

How much does didier drogba get paid?


How much do drogba earn in a week?


How much does Didier Drogba make?


How much does drogba get paid?

A lot of monet

How much does didier drogba weigh?

About 91kg

How much drogba earn per year?

€ 4,860,000

How much money does drogba make in a year?


How much does drogba earn a week?

Go and ask your mother.