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27 million Euros as per

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Q: How much did Real Madrid pay for Sergio Ramos?
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Is sergio ramos a Muslim?

no, Sergio Ramos is not muslim. Sergio is christian.

How much is Sergio Ramos worth in English pounds?


How much does raul from the real Madrid get paid?

Goal keeper from real Madrid get paid

How much did real Madrid pay for ozil?

Real Madrid payed € 15 million for Ozil

Is real Madrid better than Barcelona?

real Madrid is much better than Barcelona because real Madrid scored more goals through out the season and has much stronger players in the team such as Cristiano ronaldo,benzema,xabi alonso,kaka,pepe,ramos,ozil,marcelo, and the best gaol keeper of all times casillas , so Barcelona won and we know but never forget that real Madrid played better but Barcelona had luck ^this guy basically knows nothing about football...

How much did real Madrid pay for alonso?

Real Madrid paid Liverpool about 30 million pounds for Xavi Alonso.

How much money did Manchester United receive from real Madrid for David Beckham?

He was sold for about 56 million pounds to real Madrid.

How much Jose Mourinho earn with Real Madrid?

At Real Madrid Jose Mourinho earns 9.5 million euros a year.

How much did real Madrid pay for Cristiano rinaldo?

Real Madrid paid Manchester united 80 million pounds, for Christiano ronaldo.

Dispite on how much money they have Why do Real Madrid Steal all the best players in the world?

Real Madrid have money and they splash it out o good footballers, and it is a desire for footballers to wear the famous white shirt of Real Madrid.

How much did real Madrid pay for kaka?

£50 million

How much do real Madrid pay ronaldo a week?