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Q: How much did Michael Spinks get paid losing to Mike Tyson?
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What round did Mike Tyson knockout Michael Spinks in 1988?

he ko'd spinks in the first round after just 91 seconds

In 1988 What boxer defended his title with a first round Knockout?

Mike Tyson over Michael Spinks is the obvious answer.

What is mike Tyson's real name?

Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson

How much is Michael Spinks worth?

I think he is worth about 47 million dollars

What was the shortest duration for a WWE world heavyweight title?

Jeff Hardy's first reign was 3 minutes (Extreme Rules, 2009) However, at The TLC competition on December 18, 2011, Big Show (Paul Wight) held the title for just 2 minutes before losing it to a match against Daniel Bryan.

Mike Tyson's original trainer?

Up until and including the Michael Spinks fight in the summer of 1988, he trained at Cus D'Mato's gym in the Catskill Mountains, New York.

Name the black heavy weight boxers of the 1980s?

off the top of my head. larry holmes mike tyson bonecrusher smith tony tucker tony tubbs buster douglas pinklon thomas mike weaver michael dokes john tate leon spinks michael spinks trevor berbick frank bruno evander holyfield tim witherspoon

What sport is Larry Holmes famous for?

20 title defenses Beating Tim witherspoon, Muhammad ali, ken norton, ernie shavers trevor berbick, pinklon thomas, mike weaver, carl Williams, and marvis frazier. Almost matching rocky marciano's record of 49-0. Insulting marciano's family Losing to Michael spinks, mike Tyson, and evander holyfield

Who is the one player who own MVP on losing team?

Mike Tyson

What is Mike Tyson's Muslim name?

Malik Abdul Aziz is Tyson's Muslim name, but he was born Michael Gerard Tyson.

Mike Tyson real name?

Michael Gerard Tyson also known as Malik Abdul Aziz

Is Mike Tyson single?

No, Mike Tyson is not single.