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Q: How much could you sell a lfc signed champions league winning shirt for?
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How much do you get for winning the champions league?

It could be about fifty to sixty million pounds.

How many solitaire games do you have win so you can get in champion league?

Winning solitaire games will never get you into the champions league. You have to be able to play soccer and really well or you could just be really bad like CR7.

Where was the 2007 European champions league played?

Athens I think.....could be Paris

Which player has won English league and cup the scottish league and cup a spanish cup and champions league?

It could be Henrick Larson.

Who has won the world cup and champions league in the same year?

How could a team win the champions league and world cup at the same time? Do you mean an individual player who won both honors ?

Can Manchester united win the league?

Manchester united are quite capable of winning the league but arsenal or Chelsea could snatch the title

Why would the 1956 Yankees team sign a national league ball?

The baseball could have been signed for a fan that only had a National League baseball on hand. The baseball could have also been signed during a World Series at a National League park where National League baseballs are the only baseballs available.

Name the player has won the fa cup premier league champions league uefa cup but not the league cup?

It could be the Nigerian Kanu. what about Ryan giggs or roy keane

Coaches tha have won champions league with different clubs?

It could be Sir Bobby Robson with F.C Porto and barcelona.

What two brothers played against each other in the champions league?

It could be Filipo Inzaghi and Simone Inzaghi.For Milan and lazio.

What is the highest achievement for real Madrid?

A 10th champions league would be the highest achevment real madrid could get right now

What would happen if a team won the Champions League but were relegated in the same season?

Nothing much, Liverpool won the champions league and did not finish in the top four the season after, so they could not qualify for the tournament the season after. But they were allowed to enter through a knock out stage instead.

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