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Q: How much century made virat kohli in test?
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How much centuries made by virat kohli in odi's?

He is a classy player. He has 23 odi centuries.

How much did virat kohli score is world cup 2011?

Virat kohli scored an aggregate of 282 runs in ICC World Cup 2011.

How much virat kohli scored in under 19 world cup world cup final match?


Is Virat Kohli joins Avas Living as new brand ambassador?

The former Indian men’s cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, has teamed up with a luxury residential community in Alibaug, Avas Living, as the brand ambassador. The company said, β€œChoosing Avas Living as his preferred abode, Virat is working closely with the team at Avas to build his bespoke dream home, which will be a combination of technology, luxury and sustainability.” Speaking on the development and his choice of building his second home, Virat Kohli said, β€œThe past few years have taught all of us the importance of community living while still maintaining anonymity. My vision for a second home is one where I am surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals with interests similar to mine. As much as I appreciate a gym, I would want to invest where my mental, emotional as well as physical well-being can be looked after. Being part of a community while maintaining an individualistic life is the ideal balance that I have discovered with Avas Living. It is the perfect combination of luxury living and everything I have been looking for with a wellness centre within walking distance from my home. Alibaugh being in such close proximity to Mumbai and my work engagements, the location of the property was what sealed the deal for me.” In addition, the brand has also added Kohli to its client roster and will be constructing a bespoke home in Alibaug for the top-order batter. The brand has also revealed a campaign on social media featuring the cricketer. Kohli was seen in action yesterday i.e. Wednesday, September 28 against South Africa in the first T20I. The 33-year-old will be next seen on the field on Sunday, October 2. Earlier this week, Kohli was also roped in as a brand ambassador of toothsi along with his wife, Anushka Sharma.

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